What is the full form of BC in PUBG

PUBG is a much more popular game, even so, famous that PUBG has become one of the top games, although PUBG is now banned in India, but people are still playing PUBG using VPN and in PUBG and you may have notice bp, BC, etc. But have you ever noticed that what is their full form, no matter today we will know what is BC and what is the full form of BC.

Because almost all the PUBG players know about all these things but perhaps very few players know the full form.

What is the full form of BC in PUBG?

Full form of BC in PUBG – Battle Coin

What is the full form of BC in Pubg

What is BC in Pubg

In PUBG, BC is a battle coin from which different types of items can be purchased. Different types of skins, vehicles, gun skins, etc. can be purchased, however, from BC you can buy a lot of PUBG items after that your look will change even your weapons, etc. But for all of them, you will have to pay a lot of BC.

Although you can change your look through BC, do not think that from BC you will get an extra weapon in the battleground, no matter how much BC you buy or whether you buy anything from BC but in the battleground, Everyone will get the same weapons for battle.

However, you can buy different types of items such as top-class suits, best pursuit, birds, best skins, etc. to improve your look.

In PUBG you can earn BC in two ways, first – free and second – paid, but in free you will not get much BC and you will not be able to buy anything more, if you want to buy many premium items then you should buy BC.

What is BC in PUBG

It is very easy to earn BC in PUBG for free, but with this, you will be able to earn only 5 BC in a day, just open your PUBG and go in missions, in this you will get some tasks, one of which is 5 BC for which you have to see the ad.

Click Go and see the ad, see the ad again after a while, and then check the ad again after some time, after seeing the ad three times you will have unlocked 5 BC, just click collect to add it to your BC. You will get 5 BC, in the same way, you can earn 5 BC daily.

And if you want more BC then you will have to pay for it, we hope that you would have liked our article “What is the full form of BC” Also share it with your PUBG friends so that they can also get information about what is the full form of BC.

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