What is Chef | What is chef

There are many such people where we get to hear the word Chef, even on TV, even on mobile, then after all, who is a Chef, what is the task of a Chef, you will get all the information in this article and if you are planning to be a chef you can become but … Read more

What is CEO | Who is CEO

There are many companies, organizations in the world, which have different posts and perform those functions under the post and one of them is the CEO, the CEO may be new to you but the most important position is and No company gives this position directly to any person, rather the process of selection of … Read more

What is education

Education is a system through which people are made aware of different types of knowledge, education is the backbone of development, only through education are people acquiring very big positions, doing great invention, new technologies. are being developed. Perhaps you will also be educated or currently, your study will be going on, but do you … Read more

What is Email

Through this article, you will learn what email is and what is the full form of Email because Email is one of the most required things on the Internet because almost all online tasks require Email id, whether it is using social media or any other online task. If you don’t have an email account … Read more

What is www

Because of the Internet, every task became much easier, the work that took months now is done in just a few seconds or minutes, and in it the biggest collaboration is of the Internet. Yes, www has made the internet easier, so we will learn in this post what is the full form of www, … Read more

What is Student

I want to tell you that Student is not a short form that is built on the base of a long character. Rather, Student itself is a word, not an abbreviation, so there is not just one full form of Student, which means that you can create a full form based on the profession of … Read more

What is science

Study is such a thing on which our career depends to a great extent, and the subjects were chosen by us in them also decide our future line and one of them is Science. While all students are taught about all subjects up to 8th class, along with the growing class, some subjects have to … Read more

What is School

You must have gone to school, everyone goes to study, but have you ever thought what is the full form of school, maybe never, not only you, 90% of the students have no idea about it. But at least you should know what is the full form of where you go to study, that is, … Read more

What is RIP

RIP is a word that is often tagged on social media but most people have no idea about what is RIP, what RIP means, what is the full form of RIP. Even 80% of people tagging RIP on social media do not know what is the full form of RIP, just people understand what purpose … Read more