Why WhatsApp not showing notification

We use WhatsApp for all types of messages. And we do not even need to check our WhatsApp again and again. Because whenever a WhatsApp message arrives on our phone, a notification comes. By which we are told that a message has arrived. And we can check that message, but in many cases the notification stops when the WhatsApp message arrives. Even when the call comes, its notification does not come. The reason for this may be that you have denied the notification permission while setting WhatsApp. While you have to allow it.

Why WhatsApp not showing notification

And if you gave permission, it means that its setting has been tampered with. The notification setting has been turned off by mistake. So for this, you just have to go to your phone settings and enable the notification of WhatsApp. And then your WhatsApp notifications will be triggered.

What to do if WhatsApp message notification is not coming

  1. First of all go to your phone’s settingsGo to settingClick on app and permission
  2. Go to Application ManagerClick on app manager
  3. In this all your applications will be shown slide down the page, and click on WhatsAppclick on WhatsApp
  4.  Turn on the button by clicking on Notificationturn on notification button

Notification setting has been enabled on your WhatsApp number. And if now a message or a call comes on your WhatsApp. Then you will get its notification, so that you will be able to check your message immediately.

Message is coming but you don’t know what to do

By default WhatsApp asks for notification permissions while setting up your WhatsApp account. And if you give permission, then you keep getting notifications from WhatsApp. But even if by mistake you turn off the permission of the notification. So you will not get notifications of WhatsApp messages. But if you want, we can turn on the setting later as well. If the above procedure does not prove useful to you. So maybe you have activated data saver mode or battery saver mode in your phone. And WhatsApp has also been banned in its settings. Because in such situations the ban applies to all the mobile applications. So that it cannot use the data connection in the background. And if battery saver mode is turned on, no application can work in the background.

Not receiving WhatsApp messages unless I open the app

If you open WhatsApp, you get all the notifications. Which is also visible in the notification teaching. So this means that WhatsApp is not allowed to work in the background. Battery saver mode is mainly responsible for this situation. Turn off battery saver mode on your phone. And then your WhatsApp will also work in the background and keep on giving you notifications.

whatsapp message notification not showing

If even after opening WhatsApp, the notification does not come in the notification section. Rather, the notification is visible only in WhatsApp. So it means that WhatsApp has not got permission to show notification. Which you have to give permission from your phone. Just follow the procedure mentioned above and go to your settings and allow WhatsApp to show notifications.

What to do if you learned from this article that WhatsApp message notification is not coming. We hope this information will prove useful to you.