How to stop hairfall

Hair loss over time is a very common phenomenon. But excessive hair fall at young age makes you bald in less time. There can be many reasons behind this and it can be you. You are doing many such mistakes, which are causing your hair fall. In such a situation, you have to rectify your mistakes and take extra care of your hair. So that hair fall is reduced and your hair becomes thick. But don’t expect a miracle that all of a sudden your hair fall will stop. And will become very fat it may take some time. How to stop hair fall.

why my hairs are falling 

There are many problems of hair loss because if you are suffering from only one problem then you probably will not lose much hair. But if you are a victim of many such problems, then surely your hair would be falling a lot.

Stress – In this run-of-the-mill life, we often become victims, and this stress can arise due to any reason. Such as any family issue or business or job stress etc. And stress can become the reason for weakening your hair. That’s why we would suggest you to always try to keep yourself relaxed, always be happy, keep smiling, be absolutely playful.

Use of more soap – Using more soap makes the natural oil disappear from our scalp. And even after damaging our scalp so much, we keep on using soap continuously. Which continuously damages our scalp, so we suggest that you use soap at least. And don’t use it everyday at all, because there is no need to apply soap to hair every day. You can use soap in your head by giving a gap of 1 – 2 days.

Dryness – Dryness makes our hair very weak due to which the hair starts breaking. And the reason for the dryness of our scalp can be due to excessive use of soap, dust, etc. You have to make sure that your scalp is not dry. Although our body produces natural oil so that the whole body and scalp also remain moisturised. But if for some reason the amount of natural oil decreases or due to excessive use of your soap, the skin there gets damaged, then dryness is a very common problem. If yours is more dry these days, then reduce the use of soap and apply oil to your hair.

Physical fitness – Although physical fitness is not solely responsible for hair loss. Because often such people have also been seen who are very weak, but their hair is very thick and does not fall. But we would suggest you to improve your physical fitness as well. Because better physical fitness will help you have better hair strength.

what causes hair loss

The main reason for hair fall is the weakening of the hair roots. And when the hair roots are weak then your hair will start thinning first. Because a healthy person who has perfectly fine hair has very thick hair. But the person whose hair roots become weak, then gradually they start thinning. And when the roots become thin, hair loss starts gradually. And if this problem persists, then after a while your hair loss problem may intensify. So you have to make sure that because of which your hair roots have become weak. Such as excessive use of soap or physical weakness or any kind of stress etc.

hair loss with age

If your age is above 35+ and your hair is starting to fall then it can be called natural hair fall. Because often people of this age start losing hair, although this does not happen to everyone. Because many people’s hair remains very thick even after this. But for most people hair loss has already started. And in this situation, by taking a little care of your hair, you can give it a longer life. Or if you want, you can also get PRP done so that your age will not affect your hair at all, and your hair fall will stop.

But if you are below 25 years and your hair is falling a lot. So it means that you have tortured your hair too much. And it can be in any form and in this situation you should try these methods and also consult your doctor. Because there is definitely some reason behind excessive hair fall in this age. Such as dryness of scalp, thinning of hair roots, physical weakness, stress etc.

How to stop hairfall

  • Try to remain stress free, even if it is related to any issue. Because stress not only weakens our hair. Rather, it also makes our body weak, so always be happy, keep yourself entertained. Because the more relaxed you are, the better your hair will be.
  • If you do such work or pass through such an area, where there is more problem of dust and soil. So you can use a cloth or cap to cover your head so that dust does not enter your head.
  • Stop using soap excessively and use soap only two to three times in a week.
  • Massage your hair with oil, for this you can use any good quality oil. However, even if you use coconut oil, your hair will benefit greatly.
  • Eat nutritious food, and use outside food to a minimum.

what happens when you lose a lot of hair

If your hair is falling then why is it falling, and what is its solution is mentioned above but if you have tried those methods and they are not working on you then you have the method left after that. That is, you visit your doctor, and tell your problem because the doctor can examine your scalp and find out why your hair is falling so much.

And when you come to know why your hair is falling, then you will be able to treat it well. Although doctors also give such medicines which are beneficial for hair. But it does not affect everyone in the same way, so if your hair loss problem is more, then definitely consult your doctor.

In this article you learned how to stop hair fall. We hope this information will prove useful for you.