Why my hairs are falling, what is the reason for hair fall

Why my hairs are falling, what is the reason for hair fall

The main reason for hair breakage may be your physical weakness or lack of vitamins, or it may be that you use too much soap. Or maybe you take too much stress and live in tension. Because this is the reason why people’s hair starts breaking without time. Because hair breakage is a natural process after a certain time. But if hair breakage starts at an early age, it could mean some of the reasons mentioned above. Make sure you are a victim of any of these.

why hair fall in young age

Hair loss at a young age can be mainly due to weakness of the body or lack of vitamins or excessive use of soap or excessive stress. For which first of all you must take at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. And one should try to remove stress and take postic diet. Exercise should be done and remain stress free, the main reason for hair loss at young age can be weakness, stress and use of more soap.

How to Stop hairfall

  • get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep
  • Don’t use soap on your hair everyday
  • Use shampoo instead of soap in your hair and that too in very little quantity
  • Improve your physical activity means that you should do such work. In which you have to do physical work like doing exercise, or working at your home or farm etc.
  • Always keep yourself happy and do not take stress at all. Because if you are fit in all respects but take stress, then your hair fall problem will not go away.

how to get new hair

If your hair follicles are dead then you cannot grow new hair. But I also your hair follicles are still alive, so your hair can come. Because the speed of growth of your hair length and thickness of hair etc. all depend on your hair follicles.

If your hair has completely fallen out at some place. But if you think that your hair follicles are still alive, then first of all, get it checked for which you can go to a hospital. And if hair follicles are alive then you take PRP treatment. Because at present all the hair follicles are left in your head. And he is on the verge of death, so he can be saved from death only through TRP. And they can be given new life and the biggest advantage of PRP will be that you have very weak hair. Those who have become very thin, the speed of growth of your hair has decreased. It will all turn out great and your hair will fall out a lot less than before.

In this article you learned why hair fall and how to stop hair fall. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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