Why my facebook not opening

There can be many reasons for not opening Facebook. You are not entering your password correctly, or it is not opening even after everything is correct. People who use Facebook more in their daily life, and sometimes it happens that their Facebook does not open, then those people get more upset. What to do if Facebook is not working.

Many times it happens that when you try to login to Facebook. So you inadvertently mistype some number or spelling while entering your User ID. Whatever your Facebook account is not able to open, Facebook will not open until you enter your User ID and Password correctly while logging in to Facebook.

Why my Facebook not opening how to open it

create facebook account

If you want to use Facebook on your phone or computer. and want to connect with people through social media, then you must have a Facebook account for that. Because without Facebook account you cannot use Facebook. When you have its account, you can login to your account by entering your number and password in the Facebook app. Do you have a Facebook account, if not, then first create your Facebook account.

Enter correct credential

If you have a Facebook account but it is not opening, what could be the reason for this. There can be many reasons for this, and often this problem occurs with many people, who, despite having a Facebook account, are unable to open it in their phone. There are some people who create a Facebook account once, and use it on their phone for a few days. But if for some reason their Facebook account gets logged out, then they forget their ID to login to their Facebook again, from which number they created the ID.

There are many people who know their Facebook ID, that I had created my Facebook from this number or from this email. But they do not know password. Because once there is no need of password after login, then people often forget it. And when they enter the phone number correctly to login to Facebook, but they do not know the password. So in such a situation, he tries to login by entering a random password. Because the given password is wrong so Facebook login is not possible.

Mobile Number/email

On the Facebook login page, enter the same mobile number or email ID that you did not use to create your Facebook account.


Forgetting the password of Facebook is a common thing, many people often forget it, but it has a special role in logging in to Facebook. You cannot open your Facebook without entering the password. In such a situation, if you forget your Facebook password, there is no need to worry much. You can easily retrieve it and use it while logging in.

To get Facebook back, you will have to reset your password, and enter a new password in it. And to reset Facebook password, you have to enter your mobile number or email ID, using which you created your Facebook account. And after that an OTP code will come on your mobile number, by entering which you can create a new password for your Facebook account. And after that you will be able to login to Facebook by entering your mobile number and same password.

Unusual activity

If your Facebook account is not opening even after entering the correct User ID and Password. So it may be that Facebook has blocked your account. Because this problem happens with many people that their Facebook account has been blocked. Because of which they are not able to login to Facebook, Facebook blocks your account when some wrong activity starts happening in it. Or Facebook thinks about your account that you are doing something wrong, or violating Facebook’s policies. Then Facebook locks your account without any permission from you. In such a situation, if you want, you can create another Facebook account. If you want to use the same account then you can use it, but for that first you have to unblock your Facebook account by requesting to Facebook team.

How to open facebook id without password

It is impossible to open Facebook account without password. Yes But If You Forgot Your Facebook Account Password You Can Reset It.

In an article you learned why Facebook is not opening. We hope that this information my facebook not opening how to open it will prove useful to you.

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