What is wordpress, What is the meaning of WordPress

If you are planning to make a website, then you must have got information about WordPress, that you can make your website using it. What is wordpress, what is the meaning of WordPress, But before creating your website, you should have a good knowledge of what WordPress is. And how to use it, so that you can easily create and manage a blog on WordPress.

what is wordpress, What is the meaning of WordPress 

The full form of WP is WordPress. In the early decades of the Internet and computers, creating a computer program website etc. was a huge task. And even at this time if you have to make a hard coded website by yourself then it will be a very heavy task. While this work has been made very easy by the content management system, yes WordPress is a content management system. Which provides tools to create a website, And that too absolutely free anyone can launch their website using WordPress. And there are many tools available on it through which you can customize your website as per your wish. However, for this you will need some technical knowledge. But much less than creating a hardcoded website because WordPress provides you a completely ready platform. You just have to install it and do some basic settings which can be different for each website.

what is wordpress plugin

Whenever you read about Blog India website, you will find only one word very common which is WordPress Plugin. Because WordPress’s plugin is the only tool through which you can customize your website as you want. The way you install different types of applications in mobile. For example, you can understand that WhatsApp, Facebook, Video Editor, Photo Editor etc. Similarly, a plugin is a type of application developed to be installed on WordPress.

The total number of plugins on WordPress is more than 50000, and from this number you can guess yourself. That’s how much you can customize your WordPress website. Surely they will have all the plugins that will help you create the website you want.

what is wordpress theme

WordPress theme is a very important part of WordPress blog, because the look of any WordPress blog depends on the theme. Different themes provide different looks and features. There are tons of free themes out there, and there are tons of free WordPress themes out there primarily for the look and feel of your website. How should your website look, what should be its homepage or contact page, what should be its colors, etc. Everything depends on the theme of the WordPress blog. All WordPress themes have their default page settings, which also have the option of customizing them.

what is wordpress hosting

Although there are different types of hosting available, you can buy any host. And you can install your WordPress blog on it, but if we talk about WordPress hosting, then this hosting is more compatible with WordPress. Because they are specially designed for WordPress content management system. So if you want, you can buy WordPress hosting to create a WordPress blog, but it is not compulsory. Rather, you can also buy normal hosting to create your WordPress blog.

what is wordpress post

Creating a WordPress blog is very easy for which we only need hosting and domain name. After that we can install our WordPress blog, but the most important thing is done. Writing articles on your WordPress blog, because our blog gets traffic only through our articles. And writing an article is called a WordPress post. There is no limit to writing a post on WordPress. Because you are the admin of that WordPress blog, now you can edit as many posts as you want on your WordPress blog. You can delete, private, password protect your WordPress posts, etc.

wordpress comment

By default WordPress provides comment box for all blogs so that anyone can comment on your WordPress posts. You can give your opinion and you can reach any question regarding that post. But if you want, you can also turn off comments on that post, whether you want to turn it off on all posts or on a single post, as per your wish. This is a great feature on the blog. Because if there is a comment option on the blog post, then it makes it very easy for the users to read the block post and ask any question to the readers on it. And the blog owner also gets more than this because readers start liking their blog more.

what is wordpress export

There are many ways to export a WordPress blog, for which there are many WordPress plugins. Some of which are free plugins, some are paid, and there is a problem in importing when exported by the plugin. But its solution is provided by WordPress by default, the option of export is available in the settings of WordPress. Which allows us to export the WordPress blog as per our wish. If you want, you can create a complete backup of your WordPress blog in just one click. And if you want, you can also create backups of preparations with just posts and comments because we get the option in WordPress export. What things do you want to export, so when we have to change the hosting of our WordPress blog. Or you have to move your blog post to another blog,

what is wordpress import

WordPress Import can help you import WordPress when you export it from a blog. So that in just a few minutes your WordPress file will be uploaded to your other blog. And if you had downloaded that file as a backup. And your site got hacked or unfortunately your WordPress block accountant got deleted for any reason then you can import that backup to your WordPress site. Just import it by going to WordPress tool and selecting the file from your computer that you want to upload, after uploading you have to give permission to extract your file.

wordpress hacking

WordPress is a very popular and even the most used content management system in the world. So in such a situation, the problems of hacking also cannot be ignored. Because WordPress blogs of new bloggers often get hacked, so if you start your WordPress blog, first of all you have to pay attention to the security of your WordPress blog. Because if you do not do this, then all your blog posts and settings can be lost by a hacker in one stroke. If you have never had a WordPress blog yet. So it does not mean that it will never happen in the future, if there is any security flaw in your WordPress blog then definitely your WordPress blog can happen.

And the problem of hacking of WordPress blog is seen more when traffic starts falling on a WordPress blog. Because in this case your blog comes in the eyes of hackers, and they start trying to hack your blog. But there are many security plugins available on WordPress which you should implement on your WordPress blog. So that no hacker can hack your WordPress blog. And if you manage a WordPress blog. Or if you want to create, then we would always suggest that you make regular backups of your WordPress blog, or use such hosting. Which gives the option of automatic daily backup, so that if unfortunately your blog gets hacked. Or if your contacts get deleted for any reason, then you can revive your blog in just a few minutes. Otherwise, after your blog is hacked, you may suffer a lot.

How to create WordPress website

There are 2 ways to create a WordPress website, the first of which is wordpress.com. And another way is wordpress.org. And it is up to you which method you want to use. And want to create your own blog because in both the ways the way of managing the blog is different.


WordPress is a website on which we can create our account and create our blog on it. For which we just have to register on worldpress.com. And after that you have to buy a domain name for your blog. Host has to be bought and our block gets ready. We can publish our articles on it, we can customize it, although if you want, you can also create your own blog on wordpress.com for free. But it is very limited, in this you do not get much freedom. And wordpress ads will appear on your written articles, You will not be able to install any plugin in your WordPress blog. But if you pay and buy a domain name and hosting, you will be able to install the plugin on your WordPress blog. You will be able to change themes etc. and WordPress advertisements will not be shown in your WordPress posts. You can manage it as per your wish.

And if you want to create a blog on WordPress for free, then we will not suggest it at all. Because a free blog on WordPress is absolutely useless, in this case you can create your blog on blogger.com. But if you can invest, then you can create your blog on wordpress, in which you get a lot of good features. And you have to manage your website by login on wordpress.com itself. That is, you will login to wordpress.com and will be able to manage your example.com website from there.

WordPress.org (Software)

WordPress.org is also similar in features to wordpress.com, but its management is completely different from wordpress.com. Because wordpress.org is software that you have to install on a hosting. For example, you can assume that you have bought hostinger.com’s host, then you will find the option of WordPress in the installation folder by going to your hostinger.com’s hosting. By clicking on it, you will have to enter the title, password, domain name, etc. for your WordPress blog. And WordPress will be installed on your hostinger.com hosting. And if you want, you can also install it manually for which WordPress software has to be downloaded from wordpress.org. And it has to be installed in your hosting, But you won’t need it. Because you will be able to install WordPress directly from the installation file of your hosting. Because all hosting providers provide installer in their hosting package. These include many contact management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.

And if you have pointed your domain name to your hosting, then your blog will come live in no time. And you will be able to access your blog Now the most important thing comes is to manage your WordPress blog. From where you will handle your WordPress blog, then controls are given on your domain name only to manage wordpress.org blog. In which you can use this URL to log in example.com/wp-admin In this you replace example.com with your domain name. And after that enter the username and password of your WordPress blog, you will reach your WordPress dashboard.

And the main difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.com is that if you create your blog on wordpress.com, you will manage it from wordpress.com only. But if you create a wordpress.org blog, then you will manage it from your blog itself. And the default login address of the dashboard of your WordPress blog will be example.com/wp-admin. Which you will be able to change after entering in your dashboard.

Note: Whether you create your blog on wordpress.com or you will have to invest on worldpress.com. And you will have to buy domain name and hosting for your block, but if you create your block on wordpress.org then you will get more freedom. You will be able to use any hosting company, anytime you can move from hosting of any company to hosting of any other company. You can also transfer your domain name to another company and customize your wordpress.org blog better. But you have to be somewhat limited on worldpress.com but wordpress.com is also very good for the purpose of security. Because wordpress.com blog has less chances of getting hacked than wordpress.org.

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