What is WiFi, What is the full form of WiFi

The full form of Wifi is wireless fidelity which works to provide internet service wirelessly to any device such as computer mobile etc. What is WiFi, What is the full form of WiFi, And SIM card or any other router can be used to provide internet service to the WiFi device. Many devices can be connected to it from one WiFi device. Out of which some WiFi devices have a very high range, while some devices have a maximum limit of 10 to 12 devices to connect. What is Wifi, what is the full form of Wifi.

What is WiFi, What is the full form of Wifi

WiFi is a device used to provide internet service to a variety of devices. Which does not require any kind of wire to connect, but connects wirelessly. And there is a certain limit for connected devices. And if you go out of that range then the WiFi gets disconnected. The WiFi link of the Italian company CISAR (Italian Center for Radio Activities) is the WiFi broadband with the highest range in the world. Whose range is 304 kilometers whereas most of the normal WiFi range is only up to 10 – 30 Meter.

Modern mobile technologies have mostly eliminated the need for WiFi. Because mobile has the option of WiFi and Hotspot. So that any mobile can be used as hotspot and WiFi. That is, by connecting a mobile to any other device such as a computer or any other mobile, internet can be used in it.

WiFi is not only used to access internet service. Rather, WiFi is also used to transfer data from one device to another. Whose processing is much higher than the speed of normal Bluetooth. High speed internet can be used even in a low generation phone through a WiFi device. If a phone uses only 2G or 3G service, it can use 4G or faster internet service through a WiFi connection. And that state depends on what is the speed of the WiFi device.

A normal WiFi that processes through mobile towers. Its speed is fixed, which works on the basis of that tower. And it also depends on which generation of network that WiFi device is compatible with. A common WiFi which is portable, and its size ranges from about 8 cm to 12 cm. And it provides internet service through mobile network tower in which SIM card can be inserted. This WiFi will provide internet speed equal to the phone’s WiFi, Because this type of WiFi uses mobile WiFi technology only. Because of which the internet speed provided by it is equal to the internet speed of your mobile. And you have to recharge your WiFi device just like your mobile recharge plan. And this type of WiFi device can provide low speed when there is more traffic on the tower. Because your WiFi device will work at the same speed as the speed it will get from the tower.

But the speed of WiFi provided by internet service provider is much higher than that provided by cable service. Starting from 40mbps all the way up to GBPS, the user can choose the speed as per his choice. Such as 40 Mbps or 100 Mbps, 400 Mbps etc. Most of the companies or business professionals etc. use any WiFi broadband. Because in this wifi very high speed and very much data plan is available in cheap plan. And this type of WiFi is not affected by the increased traffic on the tower.

what are the uses of wifi

The main use of WiFi is to access internet service from one device to multiple devices. Because a WiFi router has the ability to connect multiple devices. And WiFi mainly proves to be more beneficial for such devices. In which the option of any internet connection is made internally. Such as computer, although internet service can be accessed through broadband or cable in any computer or laptop. But in such a situation there may be a problem in moving that device from one place to another. Whereas a laptop user after connecting to WiFi can take his laptop anywhere in the range of that WiFi and take a walk and do his work.

  • Free Wi-Fi facility at various types of institutions, railway station etc. provides ease to people to access internet service.
  • Multiple devices can be connected to a single WiFi device.
  •  After connecting to WiFi, the user does not need to stay at one place. Rather he can walk or sit anywhere in the range of Wi-Fi.

What are the features of Wifi


All WiFi devices are identified by their name, and the owner of a WiFi device can name their WiFi whatever they want. To change the name of a mobile’s Wi-Fi, one can go to the direct setting. Whereas for setting the name of the WiFi router, the IP/website of that WiFi router is used.


A WiFi device is a wireless device that anyone can search for once it is in range. And the password of that WiFi router protects it from connecting to unknown people. Because when any person clicks on the name of WiFi, he is asked for the password of that WiFi. And if that person enters the password then he gets connected to the wifi otherwise he is not able to connect. The WiFi owner can change the WiFi password at any time as per his wish.

free wifi

The option of password is present in all WiFi routers and if its owner wants, he can implement password protection in it. And if you want you can remove the password. And such WiFi which is installed at some special institutions or railway stations, password is not applied on them. So that any person who comes in the range of that Wi-Fi can connect his device to it and use free internet.

push/wps button

A push button is provided in the wifi router so that if the person who wants to connect his device to the wifi modem does not want to reveal his password to the wifi router hon. Its push button has to be pressed, after which Wi-Fi can be connected even without a password.

reset option

Reset option is provided in all WiFi routers so that if the WiFi owner gets confused about the name and password of that WiFi or tampers with any setting. So that he has problems in managing WiFi, then using this reset option, he can reset his Wi-Fi router.

Data limit

Data limit is a fee that is mainly used to save data. Because when any device is connected to the WiFi router, it may use a lot of data. So that your daily data pack gets over or if any other problem comes, then you can set a limit for it. how much data can be used by each device that is connected to your WiFi router, For example, if you set a data limit. For example, 500 MB, then when the devices connected to your WiFi router use 500MB, then the connection of your WiFi router will not provide internet service to their devices. But if you increase this limit. So that person’s device will have internet access again. All devices have this limit set to unlimited by default. So if you are connecting more people to your WiFi router then do not forget to set the data limit.

Auto Turn off

Auto shoot down mode of WiFi router is on to save your WiFi and its power consumption. And for this a certain time is set which can also be customized and if no device remains connected to your WiFi router. So after that certain time your wifi router will automatically shutdown let’s say if you set a limit of 10 minutes. And many devices are connected to your WiFi router, but if all the devices get disconnected. And if no device is connected to your WiFi router during 10 minutes, then your WiFi router will automatically shutdown. Which proves to be a better option for most users.

Max number of WiFi connections

In mobile hotspot WiFi, its limit is very less, that is, it remains around 8 to 10. Whereas in WiFi router its limit is 30 to 50. And it depends on which company’s router it is. And given its power, even other bigger and more powerful WiFi routers have a lot of connections possible. And the limit of this connection can also be customized. If your WiFi router has a limit of 10 connections and you customize it. Whose limit is maximum 2. So when two devices are connected to your WiFi router then no one else will be able to connect to your WiFi router. Even if he has the password of your WiFi router.

how much does it cost to install wifi

It depends on which company’s WiFi you want to install. If you want to have a normal WiFi router that works on a normal network driver. So its cost ranges from 1000 to 2000 INR and the recharge done in it is based on your mobile recharge plan. Because internet is accessed by inserting a SIM card in it.

While the cost of installing a cable WiFi router ranges from 2000 to 4000 inr. And the recharge cost varies, at which the month starts from 400 – 500 inr, and this is the starting rate. In which the speed of about 40 Mbps is provided. And if a higher plan is needed, then its price increases. And in their higher i.e. reaching 1gbps, their rate goes up to around 8000 to 10000 inr. Which is not needed by a normal internet user. Rather the bps speed itself is sufficient for a normal internet user and individual business man. The cost of which ranges from 700 to 800 INR, although the rates of all companies may vary, but keep it close to the fixed rate.

who invented wifi

how far can wifi connect

Range of a normal Wi-Fi which is of mobile or normal WiFi router. Those who work on the basis of mobile network tower, their range is maximum from 20 to 40 meters. But with the help of range booster device, the range of the WiFi router can be increased. Furthermore, some WiFi routers have a range of 80 – 100 meters or more.

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