What is WHO | WHO full form

The full form of WHO is World Health Organization, WHO is an organization that works for mutual cooperation and development of remedies on health related problems of all the countries of the world. The main task of WHO is to promote and strengthen better health to all the people of the whole world. What is WHO?

What is WHO

The World Health Organization is fully responsible for the health of the whole world. Meaning if you have any health related problem then WHO is responsible for it. WHO has an important role in running any country. If you want to open a company and your product is related to health. So WHO will check the quality of that product before starting the company. And only after everything goes well, that company will be certified, and then the company will be able to sell its product in the market.

And if a new disease comes, it is the job of WHO to find a cure for that disease. And informing every country about it and making its medicine and as far as possible. The facility available from WHO is free or very low cost. Every day some or the other disease or Viruses keep coming like HIV, AIDS, Polio, Cholera, Epidemics like Covid etc. And if any disease comes in this way, WHO gives all the information about that disease to the whole country.  And also tells the symptoms of that disease and the measures to avoid it and its treatment.

Anything related to health is done under the guidance of WHO. Because WHO is responsible for everything that is related to health and if any disease is going on now. And if its cure is not found yet, then the work of WHO is to research about that disease and find a cure to eradicate that disease from the root and help the world with that.

The head office of WHO is in the city of Geneva, Switzerland. It is from there that WHO is run and health-related monitoring is done on every country.

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