What is WhatsApp

Everyone uses WhatsApp, because we can very easily send a text message or photo, video etc. very easily and for free on WhatsApp. And that too with the least amount of data and the biggest thing is that we do not get to see any kind of advertisement. Because the internet is completely full of advertisements. And a big product WhatsApp which we get to use absolutely free. What is WhatsApp.

what is whatsapp

The full form of WA is WhatsApp, WhatsApp is the most used messenger in the world. Which was invented by Brian Acton. But it bought WhatsApp with 19 billion-dollar in Facebook, and currently WhatsApp is operated by Facebook itself .

what are the features of whatsapp

Because WhatsApp is a message in application, and provides very fast chatting facility to its users. Along with which provides many other useful features. Because of which WhatsApp has always been included in the most popular messaging application. And is the world’s largest messaging application.


WhatsApp gives us the option of free setting. In which we can share normal text, emoji, photos, videos and other different types of documents etc. And you can also delete any message sent to any person from the recipient’s device. So that you should not be afraid at all that if any message has gone from you by mistake, what will happen now. You can message for sure. If a message goes through by mistake, you can also delete it from the recipient’s phone.


Because in many situations you may need to inform more than one person at the same time. Or you are doing some official work, etc. So to handle this situation, the option of group is given in WhatsApp. So that you can send messages to multiple WhatsApp users at once. And the limit of members of WhatsApp group is very limited which has been increased to 500.

voice/video call

WhatsApp voice calls and video calls are very beneficial for everyone in many cases. You can make absolutely free calling using WhatsApp. However, if you want to make a voice call to someone, then direct calling would be better than making a WhatsApp voice call. But if you want to make an international call. So in this situation WhatsApp calling will be very economical for you. Because telecom companies charge a lot for international calling. But you can also do international calling from WhatsApp absolutely free.


WhatsApp gives its users the option of blocking. So that you can block any other WhatsApp user in your WhatsApp. So that that person will neither be able to call nor message you. And neither will you see your WhatsApp status, nor will you see your WhatsApp DP. Even your last seen will not be able to see. And the best part is, the recipient is not even informed whether you have blocked him or not. So you can block anyone with confidence.


If you are having problem with someone on whatsapp. Or someone is messaging you this timing. If someone is troubling you, then you have the first option for that. Blocking but if that person is sending you messages in a very rude way. Sending inappropriate content, you can also report it if you want. So that the last 5 conversations of you and that person will be transferred to the WhatsApp company. And on that basis the company will determine it. Whether to block that person permanently or not. And also WhatsApp company blocks that person on your report, then that person will never be able to run WhatsApp from that number in future.


WhatsApp launched the status feature in 2017. After some time WhatsApp status has also become a favorite feature of the people. The specialty of WhatsApp Status is that you do not need to send a direct message to any person. Rather you just need to enter a status. And all your WhatsApp contacts will be able to see your WhatsApp status.

And your content will not even go to that person’s phone. Although WhatsApp status remains temporary for some time. But after 24 hours that content gets deleted automatically.

profile picture

WhatsApp provides the option of profile picture to its users. And your profile picture can be seen by any other WhatsApp user. If you haven’t restricted the privacy of your WhatsApp profile picture.

last scene

The Last Seen feature notifies users of another user being active on WhatsApp so that another person gets to know the last time another person has come online. This is optional, although by default all users have WhatsApp enabled. But you can also turn it off if you want. Because from the point of view of privacy, Last Seen is not appropriate at all. Especially when you do some official work or any business.

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is one such alternative to WhatsApp, which has been launched keeping in mind the computer users. Because WhatsApp is mainly available for mobile users. But if a person wants to use WhatsApp on a computer according to his convenience, then he will not need to create his account by installing WhatsApp on the computer. Rather, by going to web.WhatsApp.com, you will have to scan the QR code through WhatsApp on your mobile. And will be able to use WhatsApp with your mobile on your computer.

two step verification

Two Step Verification is one such alternative to WhatsApp. Which is given in WhatsApp for security, Two Step Verification prevents any other person from using your WhatsApp. Because when you enable two step verification, you have to set a password in it. And when you ever open your WhatsApp account again in any phone, that code will be asked. So mainly this code protects you that no other person will be able to create WhatsApp account with your mobile number.


Under Privacy, WhatsApp gives you a variety of privacy services. For example, you can determine who can see your profile picture. Who can give your last seen, view your status account, etc, all the features if you are feeling uncomfortable on WhatsApp. And want to hide any unknown number from giving your information. So you can use the privacy services of WhatsApp.


Because WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application, and people use it not only for normal messaging, but also at business and professional level. So in such a situation if your WhatsApp data is lost due to any reason. So you might end up with a lot of damage. So in such a situation you can use the backup options on WhatsApp. In which WhatsApp creates an automatic backup of all your chats. And your WhatsApp data will be safe even if WhatsApp is deleted or in any other situation. You can restore your WhatsApp data in any other phone anytime. And mainly WhatsApp backup option will prove to be more helpful for you then. When you are changing your phone, because when you buy a new phone. So you delete WhatsApp from your phone and install it on your new phone, So all the data of your WhatsApp is left in your old WhatsApp itself. But if you back up your WhatsApp chats from your old phone. So after that you can also restore all those backups in your new phone.

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a WhatsApp application developed by a third party. Which works on the basis of WhatsApp only. And an original WhatsApp user can communicate with the user of GB WhatsApp. And GB WhatsApp also gets a lot more features than normal WhatsApp. But we would not suggest using it.

What country company is whatsapp

WhatsApp is an American company, which provides its services for free all over the world. Anyone from all over the world can use WhatsApp. To make WhatsApp fast, it has many servers around the world.

Who is the current CEO of Whatsapp

The current CEO of WhatsApp is Will Cathcart, who was appointed as the CEO of WhatsApp in 2019.

What can we do with WhatsApp

On WhatsApp, we can send any file to another person very easily. And the feature is constantly being enhanced in WhatsApp by the WhatsApp team. And more recently, a new feature was added by WhatsApp which is sending payments. Now you can also check your bank balance, and make payments using WhatsApp.

who is the owner of whatsapp

Although WhatsApp was invented by Brian Acton. But Facebook bought it with a huge amount, which was 19 billion. So now the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is also the owner of WhatsApp.

In this article you learned what is WhatsApp. We hope this information will prove useful to you.