What is website | Website meaning

Whenever there is talk of internet, the name website comes first in it. Because internet is mainly running on the basis of website, whether we have to get any information through internet, or apply any form or download any notification. We need a website for everything, and even applications or software also use the website. What is website?

What is website

A website is a web application that is created on a server and to create a website we need two things. jockey is the host and the other is the domain name, post which we call storage. You cannot understand it as a memory card in simple language and the domain name is the way to go to that website. And the computer on which a website is installed after being optimized is called a server, and the servers of the website remain on for 24 hours.

How many types of website are there

However, according to the functioning of the website and its services, we can keep it in a specific category. But there is no type of website because the methods of making all websites are the same. Which is using domain name, domain name and coding, and developer or company can provide any feature through coding according to their plan. For example, you can understand that

Google’s founder coded Google in such a way that it could crawl websites around the world and store them in its database. And when the user searches, he can be given a unique result, in such a way it is called a search engine. On the other hand, Facebook was coded by its founder Mark Zuckerberg. That any person can create his account on Facebook and can chat with people. And continuously many features were included in it and it was named as a social media, because it works to connect people.

What is social media website

Social media are websites that allow people to create accounts and connect with other people around the world. And also provide the option of chatting with them etc. Companies like Facebook, Twitter are ruling on top of this.

What are the advantages of website

You probably do not need to tell about the benefits of the website. Because you think for yourself what happens when Google, YouTube and other websites that you use are closed for 1 day.

  • You can connect with people from all over the world
  • earn money by working online
  • can pay online
  • can fill online form
  • can complain online
  • You can talk to your relatives in distant countries for free
  • Various types of information can be obtained for free
  • If there is any latest update, you can get its information immediately.
  • There is no need of news paper to read news, you can read news using online website.

Note: Most of the applications also use the website to provide services.

Who can make a website

Anyone can create their own website, but for this they will need to buy a domain name and hosting.

How to make a website

At this time, creating a website has become much easier because there are so many content management systems available. Jockeys provide the facility to create a website and if you use them. And very easily you can make a website with only small investment.

But if you want to create a dynamic website. And you want its feature to be your recording, you want to develop it by yourself. If you want to design more, then it can take you a lot of time. And a lot of technical knowledge will also be required, because in this case you will code your website yourself.

But what kind of website you should make depends on your target, what you want to do. Which service do you want to provide. Because if you want to create a website for writing normal content then you should use Content Management System. And if you want to provide any service then you have to code your website by yourself.

Note: Most of the websites are hard coded as they need to provide different types of different services. And from time to time you can upgrade yourself as per your wish.

Whereas an article providing website is built on a content management system. Because even like this the website is made very easily and if only you have to write articles. So there is no need of hardcoding for that. When already you are getting the best option, and for this mostly WordPress is used which is absolutely free.

In this article you learned what is a website. We hope this information will prove useful for you.