what is web hosting | Web hosting meaning

Web hosting is a product designed to bring content online with the help of some specialized computers. And the system made from the modification of that computer is called hosting. All the data of the Internet is present in the hosting, then this data can be published at any time, or it can be deleted, some specific software to run a web hosting. Requires coding and high speed internet connection. So that the user can exchange data from that hosting. What is web hosting?

what is web hosting

Manually handling any web hosting is a very difficult task. Because of which control panel is used to manage any hosting. In which there are many inbuilt features, because with the increasing time the use of sub technology is increasing a lot. Because of which many companies prepare web hosting, and sell it, it also benefits the company that prepares web hosting. And the user also benefits from it. Because any person can buy hosting without any technical knowledge. And can launch website or application on it or can do any other work which it wants to do through internet.

There are 2 ways to manage web hosting, which is to manage manually and the other way is to manage through hosting manager. Most of the big companies prepare web hosting managers for themselves, so that they can run their host as per their wish. While web hosting business companies that sell their hosting to people use Cpanel, WHM (Web host manager), HPanel. Because these are some software which are designed to manage web hosting. And to make it easy to manage web hosting, many features are provided. So that it becomes even easier to manage web hosting.

All servers or hosting have their unique IP addresses through which that hosting can be accessed. And all postings are primarily accessed by a domain. Because domain names make accessing the Internet much easier. Web hosting and domain name are completely different from each other in that web hosting does the work of storage. Because the data of all the websites is present in the hosting only and the domain name is pointed only on that host. So that this host can be accessed by that domain, and it is known as website.

How many types of hosting are there

The concept of hosting is quite simple, when any specific computer is made accessible online with the help of some specific computer programming and software. So it is called the host, on which online data transfer can be done. Websites can be launched on it, applications can be launched. Social media websites etc can also be launched. But web hosting is also customized according to the needs of the customers. So that web hosting is divided into many types, and all of those web hosting have their own unique features. And the user can buy those web hosting according to his need.

When hosting has been divided into many types, its biggest advantage is that any person can buy hosting according to their needs. Because everyone’s budget is not good, due to which having any one type of hosting could be a problem for people with low budget. But there are many types of hosting available, ranging from cheap to expensive hosting.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is such a hosting, in which many other websites are hosted in your own hosting. Although shared hosting is available at very cheap prices, due to which shared hosting is very affordable for beginners. Because he can start his online business at low prices. Because in shared hosting, along with where you are, many other websites are also hosted. Because of which your website may be down for a long time, because if any server problem occurs due to any one website. So all the websites on the server will be affected, shared hosting cannot handle a lot of traffic.

And if there is a lot of traffic on any website present in shared hosting, then it will have a lot of impact on other websites as well. Because the same resources are used for all the websites present in shared hosting. Because any other website present in shared hosting uses all the resources. So your website present on that server will be able to handle very less traffic.

VPS hosting

A VPS hosting allows the user to control their own hosting to a great extent. And your hosting resource is separate, because of any other website your VPS hosting website will not be affected in any way. VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting. Because it is the facilities that provide more facilities.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is much more expensive because in this the entire server is yours. For which the company provides a server for you separately, and you have complete control over it. You can control it the way you want. And it is very difficult for any normal person to manage dedicated hosting. Since dedicated hosting has to be done by yourself or your team, a team of experts is required.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is one of the best hosting which is mid range and very secure and fast. Because single server is used for other posting. But for cloud hosting more than one server is used. In which virtual partitioning is done according to your plan, cloud hosting is used by most of the bloggers.

Specific site hosting

This type of hosting is specially designed for a single website. Which mainly includes WordPress because WordPress is the world’s largest content management system. Which can be used, although WordPress can be run on shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting or cloud hosting on any hosting. But if a hosting is specially designed for WordPress. So it remains more compatible with WordPress, and can perform better.

What is Readymade Host

Readymade hosting is designed by expert hosting engineers, it is continuously improved. And any person can buy hosting by hosting company. For which one has to go to the website of that hosting company. And there all their plans will be shown, you can buy the plan according to your favorite and need.

In a readymade hosting, you do not have to do anything, you get all the setup already ready. All you have to do is buy hosting and start your work on it. Like making a website or launching an application etc. You can start doing any work immediately, and you will also get a lot of inbuilt features in that hosting.

What is Self-made Host?

If you build a hosting server yourself, this can be a very complicated and problematic path for you. Because for this you will need a team of engineers. Because even if you create a hosting server, it is not possible to take it far ahead alone. And if you want to create hosting server for your website or application etc. So your decision may be wrong. Because you will get readymade hosting servers that too at very cheap prices. Whereas to make a hosting government, you will need a lot of software, high speed internet connection, knowledge of computers and programming languages ​​as well as a team of engineers.

Application Traffic Management

All hosting servers have a limit on the maximum amount of traffic they can handle. And if the traffic coming to that hosting server is more than the capacity of that hosting. So that server will keep going down again and again. And users will continue to have problems using the website on that hosting.

And it is the responsibility of the owner of that website to confirm that how much traffic is coming to his website. And he should consider increasing the resources of his hosting to handle the traffic of his website.

In this article you learned what is web hosting. We hope this information will prove useful to you.