What is web browser | Web browser meaning

Web browser is a software using which you can access any website. and access its content, a web browser gives its users complete freedom of internet surfing. So that the user can search any kind of content on the Internet. On this, online gaming, applying any form, etc. can do all the tasks, which are also present online. What is Browser?

what is web browser 

For example, if you use an application ie WhatsApp, then you get only some limited features in it. Like you can save contacts in it, you can message people. Can make video call, voice call etc. But it has very limited features and apart from the features present in it, you cannot do any other work. But a web browser is quite different from normal application software. Which is specially made for web surfing, through this you can make online video calls or even voice calls. You can do online transactions, watch videos, play games, search photos. You can download videos, photos, etc., just for this you have to use different websites. And for this most people use google, you can do your favorite tasks by opening google in any web browser.

Also, it depends on how capable the browser you are using is. Because all types of best browsers are not able to perform all types of tasks. And some of the famous browsers in the world because they are able to do most of the tasks, which are listed below.

What are the features of web browser

The way all web browsers work, their features, their security are different but there are some such features. Which are very common in some famous browsers, which help people a lot in internet surfing. And its control is completely in the hands of the user.

default search engine

When you open a web browser, such as Google Chrome, you get a search box. By clicking on which you search anything. So you may have a misconception that Google Chrome gave you whatever you searched but it is not so. Whatever you searched in the search box of Google Chrome browser, you have searched in Google, the website has been searched. Which is set as the default search engine in Google Chrome. If you want, you can also change it to beng.com or yahoo.com etc. instead of google.com. But google.com search engine is capable of giving the best results, so we suggest that you do not change your default search engine.


History feature is present in most of the web browsers. And also when you search using that web browser. So it gets saved in the history of your browser that what you have searched. And if someone else uses your device. So he can also see what you have searched and in some conditions history can prove to be useful for you too. Because if you have angry and you have spoken or visited any webpage. And if you want to open it again, you can go to your history and click on history to open that page again.

But if you search some inappropriate content. So you should delete it from your history so that your privacy remains.

Incognito Tab

Incognito tab is a special feature of any browser which allows you private web browsing. When you search anything in an incognito tab in a major browser, it will not be saved in your history. Whatever website you open and whatever data you enter in that website or any website that you use, its cookies or data will not be saved.

Incognito Tab is a great feature in terms of security, especially when you search for inappropriate content.


Different types of content can be downloaded from different types of websites using the browser. Such as any document, video, audio, photo, etc., when you download anything using that browser. So you can see it in your file manager or gallery. But if you want you can play it in your browser too. and see what has been downloaded using your browser. Which will be found in the download directory of your browser.


The bookmark option is used to save a particular link or website. Especially its advantage is when you have to open any one website again and again. And if you have to work on it, then you can bookmark that website. So that you do not have to see the URL of that website again and again, and you can also see it in the bookmark tab of your browser. And even if you don’t go to bookmark time, suppose if you have saved any bookmarks. Suppose that Apsole.com, as soon as you type A in your browser, then at the top you will get apsole.com or that URL. Which you have bookmarked, you just have to enter and that website will open.

Find In page

When you are using any website or reading any content, or consider any similar page. On which there are many words and you have to find any one word in it. So in such a situation it can be a very problematic task for you. And in this case you can use Find in page. Using this you can easily find any word instantly.

This feature is mainly helpful for mobile users. Because it has no function in the computer, because ctrl + f is used to find any word on any page in the computer. Which is inbuilt in windows operating system.

Desktop site

On desktop the website opens in list view mode in all browsers, but mobile users are shown all apps idea mobile versions. Which are different from the desktop site version but if a mobile user wants to access the website of the desktop version. So for this, the option of desktop site is available in some web browsers. Some of the main web browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Auto fill

This is an option that is always working on your permission, that is, whenever you open a website. And login on that then you guys enter whatever credentials while doing that. That is, the browser asks you for user name and password etc. To save it, if you give permission to save it, then whenever you open the next time to fill that form, that browser will automatically give you the suggestion of the same username and password. So in this you will not need to type the credentials there. Instead you can login using that suggestion credential.

Well, in the same way, there is an option to save for different types of forms as well. For example, if you make a payment on a website, then enter your credit card or debit card details. Or if you enter your address, then at that time you are asked to save it. And if you give permission to save it, then next time you will visit any such form on any website. Where you enter your address or your credit card or debit card number. So there you will be shown the details saved by you. And if you want you can use it otherwise you can type manually.

And in some conditions, this feature can also prove to be harmful for you. So we would suggest that if you are not much familiar about internet technology. So you should not save any sensitive information like credit card number or debit card number or any password etc. at all. Always type memory as needed.

How many types of web browser are there

5 most used web browsers in the world

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the world’s most used browser, which people use the most on both computers and mobiles. There would hardly be any internet user who would not be using the Google Chrome browser. Because Google Chrome browser is a product of Google and is already installed in all Android mobiles. Because of which no person needs to download any other browser. Along with this, the second version of Google Chrome, Google Chrome Beta is also present.

mozilla firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the second most used browser after Google Chrome. Which is made by Mozilla company, even Mozilla Firefox browser is much older than Google Chrome browser. And people have been using it for a long time, but after the arrival of Google Chrome browser, the market of browser software has been covered more in Google Chrome. From a user point of view Mozilla Firefox mobile version is better than Google Chrome browser in some situations. But because of this, Internet companies also have to bear a lot of losses. Along with Mozilla Firefox full version, there is also a light version of Mozilla Firefox, which is also perfect for low resource mobiles.

opera browser

The third most popular web browser is Opera, which is also present in Opera Full Version and Lite Version. Which is perfect for a good phone and a phone with less resources. The features and quality of both Opera Browser and UC Browser are almost similar. But UC Browser is banned in India and you can use Opera browser if you want.

Brave private browser

Brave browser is not made by any big company, nor is it a lot of software. Only web browsers of this company are present in the market, which are of three types. The most famous of which is Web Private Browser, which has been downloaded over 100 million times.

Microsoft Edge

Although the Microsoft Edge browser has been created by a large software company, Microsoft. But despite that the number of its users is very less. The number of its users makes a normal companies individual browser application of how much earning. It has more users than Microsoft Edge web browser but still we will consider Microsoft Edge browser as a good browser. Since it is made by a big software company, it is definitely reliable, even if the number of users is less.

We hope this information what is web browser, browser meaning. Will prove useful for you.