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Nowadays watch is the most used products. People know this very well. And also use it in our daily life because you will find the clock in everyone’s house. It has been used since ancient times because it tells us the time, how much time has passed. If we did not have a clock, we could never know the time. And there could not be a correct time table for doing any work. So that we do not know for how long we have done any work. what is a watch

The thing which is used in your daily life. We should know its names whether it is Hindi or English, although we Indians know its name in Hindi. But some people do not have any idea of ​​the English name of the watch.

what is the clock

The watch is called Watch in English, apart from this the name of the watch may be different in other countries. But English is an international language and it is used in all countries. The English watch of a watch is its English word, nothing else is spoken in any country. This is known by the name of Watch of every country.

The clock is used everywhere, whether it is home or office, we use the clock to see the time. If you are working in a company, then you work according to the clock that how much time we have to work, we get to know the time.

Although now the clocks are not the same as before, earlier there used to be a pendulum in the clocks. And they used to be big in size, earlier watches were kept at one place. Due to which you cannot take it with you or keep it here and there, but in this world of technology, people have made a lot of progress.

Today’s watches have been made in such a way that you can keep them anywhere. And you can take it with you wherever you want. Because now the clocks have become much smaller than before. And you will find it in many attractive forms in the markets.

Nowadays, two types of clocks are found here and both are present in almost everyone’s house. The first type of clock is the one which is mounted on the wall and the second one is worn on the hand. Today’s youth use a lot of wrist watches. We use wall clock almost in our homes or in offices. So that we can know the right time and can speed up or slow down our work with time.

And the use of the watch worn in the hand is now decreasing. To see the time, now people wear the watch only for a fashion. So that it is good to see. Because now everyone has a phone of their own. In which the system of digital watch (watch) has been given. Due to excessive use of the phone, people do not use the watch worn in their hand to see the time. Whenever they want to see the time, they see the time using the phone.

There are different types of watches such as Analog, Digital, Hybrid, Tactile, Touchscreen  etc.

In this article you learned what is watch and watch meaning. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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