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village and city are two such words which have been made according to the living conditions and convenience of the people. Because the services of both the places are different. However, humans have left no stone unturned to destroy the earth and its environment. But on the other hand, if we talk about villages, even if there are no facilities and services like cities. But the environment in the village is much better than in the city. Because there are very few polluting resources in the village as compared to the cities. But with the increasing time, villages are also turning into cities. What is Village?

what is village 

A village is a rural area of ​​human population, where the area is underdeveloped as compared to the urban area

However, it is a good thing that technology is reaching the villages as well and development is taking place. But whatever location is being converted into cities, natural resources are getting depleted there. Which are also necessary for humans and all other creatures. That means man himself is hitting his own foot with an axe. But still there are a lot of natural resources in the village, but humans are slowly destroying them. For example, if you are from a village, you will be aware that outside the village there are many trees and plants all around. And also in the village there are almost trees near everyone’s house.

And that too Neem trees which are also healthy, and according to the customs of the village, the Neem tree is also worshipable. Similarly, there are many things that you will not find in cities. And a great example of them is Ekta. People in the village are familiar with all the lohani of their village which is probably very rare in the cities. And even if there is a calamity in the village, everyone celebrates together in an atmosphere of happiness, that is, a village is like a family.

And the best thing about the village is that it has natural resources like trees. But the bigger thing is that all kinds of food items are grown here by the people themselves. And all the food items are completely pure which becomes difficult in cities. Often fake foods are caught in the test, like you can take an example of any food item, L. All the things like flour, rice, oil, vegetables etc. are 100% pure which people grow in their fields and make them edible by machines.

India is the only country in the whole world which is at the forefront of joint family and respect, hospitality, respect, culture and culture. And in India the village is the leader in all these. And if a person who lives in the city and has never visited the village, and if he visits the village. So he may find the environment of the village a bit strange. Because he gets used to a different environment. Other people also move from villages to cities after seeing that environment. Because there may have been more damage to natural resources but there are more job resources.

And the chance of job in the village is very less because there is no factory or company in the villages. Rather, all people do their own business, then it does not matter. Whether that business is small or big like agriculture work, shops, etc. And animal husbandry is very much in the village, about 80 people have animals, which mainly include cow, buffalo, bull, goat, sheep etc.

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