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If you run a phone or computer, then you will know about the video, what it is. Nowadays video has become a means of entertainment along with knowledge. Technology has grown so much that you can make a video of anything and watch it whenever you want. Today in this article we will know what is video, although everyone likes to watch video. Whether it is a small child or an old person, although everyone has different preferences as to which video to watch. What is Video?

what is video

Video is called movie in Hindi, although the Hindi name of video is rarely heard, often people say video only. And video is an english word, in the video we can see a scene going on. The way there is mp3 in which we can only listen but through video we can also listen. And you can also see that now there are many types of categories in the videos as well. In which you can choose the category of your favorite and watch that type of video. With this, people will get the video according to their own which they will like.

When the video was started, there was not much clarity in the video, but people still liked it very much. Earlier videos were black & white which means if we understand then it was not colourful. All the characters seen in it were seen in the same color, you can watch old movies or old songs to see such videos.

But now technology has gone far ahead, due to which the quality of the video will be seen very clearly. In today’s world, you will see all the videos in colour. Meaning that all the characters seen in the video appear in different colors, which makes the video more enjoyable to watch.

If you are a student then you must be using it for your studies. Children like the video the most. Because they get to see a lot of new and interesting videos inside it. Whenever they get the phone, they start watching cartoon videos in it.

Video is such a medium in which you can record and capture the events that happened in your past. Like nowadays there are many programs like marriage, birthday and other functions, for which people make videos to collect their memories. Which they can see whenever they want, nowadays it has become a custom to record video in marriage or any other function, for which people spend a lot of money.

A camera is needed to record video. Earlier, the reel in the camera was heavy, which was used only once. But now cameras without reels have also come, in which a chip is attached. Whose storage capacity is more, you can record video according to its storage. In the camera with chip memory, you can also delete the video you want, and that much space will be reduced.

For video recording, it is not necessary that you must have an expensive camera. Only then the video will be recorded, you can also use your phone camera for video recording. If you want, you can also record the video and edit it.

You will find many apps and software for video editing, with the help of which you can edit the video well. And can also save it in many formats of video. To set the video quality, you will find full hd, mp4, avi and many other formats in which you can edit and save the video.

If you can edit the video very well, then you can earn money by making good videos and putting them on YouTube. If you know video editing well. So you can get a chance to work in many companies in which you will get good money.

what is video marketing

Video marketing means reaching a video to people in different ways. Whose main source has become social media sites like Facebook, YouTube etc. at this time.

In this article you learned what is Video. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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