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By the way, such a person will not have any idea about VFX, what is VFX. Because they never need VFX. But if you are a youtuber or work on any other video project. definitely you would need VFX, let’s assume that you do not need VFX but you must have seen many such movies in which there are many such scences which are extraordinary. What is the full form of VFX?

So do you think those extraordinary scenes are true, as hollywood movies are completely VFX based. If we talk about Bollywood movies, then most of these scenes are true. But according to the requirement, VFX is used somewhere like you can take Krrish, Bahubali, etc. as an example, so today we will learn about this.

what is vfx

The full form of VFX is Visual Effects VFX is a technique through which multiple video, photos are integrated. Anyone of which gets a new extraordinary look. And this technique is called VFX, although it is not necessary. VFX should be used only to give an extraordinary look to the video, but VFX can be used for any other purpose.

And it is not that all the videos that are integrated will be original. Rather some of them can be video animation too. Some may be images and some may be real scenes.

VFX is used not only by movies but also by youtube creators, although video shooting is normally done for VFX video. But there are some main facts of that shooting, which is done according to VFX.

Like, for any VFX video, it is necessary to first determine how the whole scene will be. Then whether that video has to be made extraordinary or a normal scene. Because the primary video scene with which the video or photo has to be integrated. It is also necessary for it to be compatible so that it looks absolutely original and real.

Even after the scene is small for VFX video, it takes a lot of time to shoot. Because each point of the primary video has to be shot according to the secondary video. In which a slight mistake spoils the scene, like “Balveer”, a very popular serial. Its scenes are mostly VFX based.

How to identify in which video VFX is used?

By the way, normally it is difficult to identify any video whether VFX has been used in it or not. But yes some VFX videos can be identified and some VFX videos cannot.

So first of all if you watch any such video in which extraordinary scenes are shown. Which are often in Hollywood movies, then understand that VFX has been used in it. Because normally that extraordinary scene cannot be made, but made with the help of VFX.

The second is that the animation video is linked with the real video. Although those animation videos are also made in such quality. It becomes difficult to easily identify whether it is animation or real video.

And VFX is used for a specific task, which is normally to change the background. Although movies also have background changes and background activity. But amazing scenes are included in them. And the primary video is mixed with the secondary video in such a way that it becomes an extraordinary scene.

But VFX technology is also used by youtubers in some videos. However, if there is an extraordinary feat, then you will easily understand that the video has been made with the help of VFX. But you must have seen that many youtubers who make informational videos have only one color background. Nothing happens in their background, VFX is also used in these videos.

Yes but if a person makes an informational video by being stable at the location. And without using any color in his backgound, he puts the scene of any other location. So it will be difficult to tell whether VFX has been used in it or not.

And yes, now there are apps with many effects. So that without the help of VFX, amazing videos can be made to a great extent.

how to make vfx video

A lot of technique is required to make VFX, especially in those videos in which more amazing scenes have to be made. And the scene of primary video is done on a special screen which is of green colour. So now your question may also be that why are there only green colors?

This is why the primary video is shot inside the green screen. So that only the shown scene is included in that video scene and there is no background. Although there is a green color curtain in the background.  But it is removed during VFX editing.

And the secret behind the curtain of color is that there is nothing else of green color in that scene except in the curtain. And the process of removing color in VFX is automated. Because it is impossible to remove any color manually from any video. However, any color can be removed from anywhere in a still scene or photo. But the video does not freeze, but there is movement in the video, and any color can be taken out of that entire video through VFX.

Then it does not matter which color has been used for which purpose. Rather, whatever command you give to the software to exclude color from that video, it will exclude it. For example, if you command the software to remove black color instead of green, then the software will remove black color from your video. Due to which if the hair of the actor is black, then the hair will be erased. If you are wearing black clothes then that whole part will be erased where there are black clothes. Even the black part of your eyes will disappear and you will wake up looking like a ghost.

This is the reason why green screen is used to make VFX video. Because probably nothing is of green color, you would never have seen green colored clothes or anything. And even if it is there, green color is not used anywhere except for green screen in VFX video shoot. Due to which only that curtain disappears during video editing and the rest of the scene remains perfect.

And as far as secondary videos are concerned, they are animated as well as real. It depends on how the scene is, and no screen is required for the secondary video.

Let’s understand with an example

Suppose we have to do the shooting of a video. In which the actor has no head and is flying over the sea, then how will that shooting be done?

It is very easy, first of all that video has to be shot on the green screen. Fly acting will have to be done by auxiliary ropes so that it can be coordinated with the video of the sea. And if that person’s head is to be erased, then as much part has to be erased. That much part has to be covered with green cloth so that after removing the color that part also gets erased.

And after consolidating the video the result will be that the person is flying over the sea and does not have a head.

In this article you learned what is VFX and VFX full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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