What is user ID | User ID meaning

What is User ID

User ID is the login ID of a person or company that can be used to login to the website. User ID is used like a key in that app or website. So that you can use that App properly, in a way it allows you to enter inside your website. And then you can use that web page properly. What is the user ID?

What is User ID, some examples of User ID

What is User ID in Gmail

The world uses Google and Gmail as well, since Gmail is only Google’s service, all its products are necessary. And suppose you want to run youtube then you can use it normally. But if any activity or response is to be given on it like posting video, commenting, liking etc. then it is necessary to stay logged in for that.

And you will be able to login in youtube when you have gmail id, and anyone can create gmail id.

And this gmail id would have been an identity which is necessary for all google products.

what is user id in facebook

If you want to run Facebook on your phone, then after downloading the app, you will have to create an account in that too. There is a process to make what you can make in your own name. Then when your account is created, your User ID in Facebook can be your name or your phone number.

So brothers, now I am sure that you must have come to know what is User ID. And do tell this thing to all your friends that what is User ID. So next I am going to tell you how to create User ID, so let’s understand that too now.

How to create User ID

Many things matter to create a user ID, such as for which website you want to create a user ID for which work. For example, you can understand that if you want to create Facebook User ID, Google User ID, etc., then you can create them very easily. All you have to do is go to the waiting site. And by clicking on create account, you have to enter your information. And your account will be closed but many such things also happen. On which it is very difficult to create your user ID. Because there is a lot of verification involved, you may need to enter a lot of your sensitive information.

Note: There will be different User ID and Password for each website and application.

what is fake user id

Nowadays people use fake account a lot. People create an account in the name of another and run it by entering someone else’s name. It is used by people to do some kind of fraud i.e. fraud. Such people also do the work of cheating and blackmailing people by creating fake accounts. Which is very wrong.

In one article you learned what is User ID and User ID meaning. We hope this information will prove useful for you.