What is Twitter | Twitter meaning

Twitter is one of the few famous websites in the world, which is a social media website and anyone can use it by creating an account on it. Can tweet, can follow celebrities etc.

What is twitter

Twitter is the world’s largest social media website on which any person can create their account. And can tweet, can share others’ tweets, can like. Can comment Can see the trending topic on Twitter Advertisement is the main source of Twitter’s earnings. Twitter was invented by Jack Dorsey who is an American resident.

Any celebrity or politician or any top official of any country may or may not use any other social media. But all celebrity politicians, other top officials etc definitely use Twitter. And you will also see him more active on Twitter than other social media. Twitter is also heavily used for different types of protests or support.

This method of protest is also known as Digital Protest. If a lot of people have to do a digital protest on any topic, then that Twitter trend is used.

Posting on Twitter is very limited, you cannot post the content you want. A certain limit has been fixed for this, and only within that limit you have to post on Twitter. The limit for posting content on Twitter is 280 characters, although in the early decades of Twitter this limit was only 140 characters. But it was later increased to 280 characters. Only 2 minutes 20 seconds of videos that can be posted on Twitter, that is, you can upload a maximum of 140 seconds of videos.

Direct messaging can also be used on Twitter. In which you can direct message to any other Twitter user, but one of its conditions is that if direct messaging is turned off in the other user. So you will not be able to message him. And those who have kept direct messages on, you will be able to message us, then it does not matter whether you have followed them or not.

Twitter Professional

Twitter Professional is another account setup from Twitter that gives users more controls and tools. Through which you can promote your content on Twitter and bring your business / brand to Twitter. Surely this will prove to be helpful in making your business more popular.

How to use Twitter

Twitter is very easy to use, you just need to create your account first. Because on Twitter all users have their own personal accounts, and all users have usernames. Which can also be called their profile link, and the username also acts as a login ID in a way.

  • To use Twitter, you must first create your account. For which you can use mobile number or email id. And while creating your Twitter account, you will also have to verify your email or mobile number that you will use.
  • You will have to enter your personal details such as your name, your date of birth, your interests etc., although you can skip these if you want.
  • You have to set your photo to your twitter account, and at last you will be shown Khesari top twitter accounts. Those whom you can follow or if you go, you can tweet this, after which your Twitter account will be ready.
  • Then you will get a text box on twitter home page, in which you have to write something or include any photo for it, or any video that you want to post on twitter. After that you will be able to post that content on Twitter which is also called tweeting.

Who can run Twitter

Anyone in the world can run Twitter, the only condition is that you have an internet connection available. And to create an account, you must have an email account or your mobile number.

What is Twitter Trend

This is a great feature of Twitter because Twitter is known especially because of its trends. A Twitter trend refers to a specific piece of content that is being posted a lot on Twitter. That is, if a word that is posted or shared by a lot of people, then it is shown in the trend list on Twitter. And the Twitter company does not have any such control over the Twitter trend that it can trend itself. Rather, the Twitter company has provided this feature for its users, that is, the contact that more and more people tweet comes in the trend list.

But this does not mean that life time contacts will be included. Rather it is a short term, this thing can be understood on the basis of the example given below that how something trends on Twitter.

Let’s understand from the example of a world famous mobile company, how many times Apple would have tweeted on Twitter. But it must have happened over a long period of time, no matter what the number is. But if more people tweet Apple in a short time, then it will join the Twitter trend, it is possible that it will come in the Twitter trend list.

Which country’s company is Twitter?

Twitter is an American company that is provided for worldwide use. The whole world, any person from any country can use Twitter.

In this article you learned what is Twitter. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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