What is TRP | Full form of TRP

If you watch TV and surf the internet, you must have heard the name of TRP at some point or the other. And today in this post we will know about this i.e. what is TRP. What is TRP?

Definitely you must have an idea that TRP is related to the word TV. Because whenever TRP is talked about, it is being talked about the TRP of one or the other TV channel.

What is TRP

The full form of TRP is Television Rating Point . TRP is a method of checking the rating of a television through which it is detected. How many views are coming on which TV channel? Which TV channel is on top and which is on low ranking, the popularity of the channel is ascertained through TRP.

You must have often heard about many TV channels that they are adopting many tricks to collect TV channel TRP. And the higher the TRP of the channel, the more ads it gets.

And those channels charge more for ads than smaller channels. Because its TRP is high, more people are watching that channel, due to which its value is more.

What is measured by TRP

TRP is measured by the growth of TV channels, and TRP is applicable to TV channels only. TRP does not matter for other platforms like YouTube or other video station platforms.

What are the benefits of TRP

Due to TRP, it is very easy to know which TV channel is doing more growth. And which channel is behind, which benefits the advertisers a lot. Because the higher the TRP of the TV channel. Those channels will be able to reach advertisers’ advertisements to more people. However, advertisers have to pay more for this.

What happens when TRP of a TV channel increases or decreases

Whenever the TRP of a TV channel increases more, then the value of that channel increases a lot. Due to which that channel company benefits a lot. Because advertisers have to pay more for their advertisements. And if the TRP of that TV channel decreases. So right there it will have the opposite effect because the TRP has come down. So the cost of that channel will decrease and advertisers will also not pay much for their advertisements.

In this article you learned what is TRP and TRP full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.


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