What is tree, Tree meaning

Tree cannot be compared with anything, because if there is tree then there is life. So how can life be compared to anyone. It is nothing less than a boon for humans and all living beings on earth. It is very important to have trees around us and we must plant trees because it gives us so much benefit. It becomes difficult to guess, but nowadays there are very few trees left as compared to earlier. And whatever is left, people are cutting that too for their needs. Tree meaning.

what is a tree

The tree acts as a lung in the atmosphere, that is, it provides us with oxygen. When there were no trees and plants on our earth, there was no oxygen here either. And due to lack of oxygen, there was no life on the earth when trees and plants grew after millions of years, then the climate started changing, and in this change, the development of life took place.

The tree has a root which is inside the ground, and an upward branch which has many leaves. The tree absorbs co2 from the atmosphere through these leaves, when it breathes, as a result, it releases oxygen into our atmosphere. Which is used by all living beings. Because life is not possible on earth without oxygen.

Everyone knows that we get oxygen from trees, yet some are continuously harming it. The people of trees are cutting down indiscriminately for their personal interest. In today’s era, if a tree is being planted, then somewhere ten times its number of trees are being cut, due to which there is a lot of impact on the environment. Due to lack of trees, many harmful gases have been generated in our environment, which is contaminating the environment.

People all over the world are troubled by the corona epidemic today. In which lakhs of people lost their lives, due to lack of oxygen, till now we used to think. That there will never be a shortage of oxygen in our atmosphere. But the continuous cutting of trees has also made it possible that as the oxygen has started decreasing now, it is a living example of oxygen deficiency.

The environment in the village is more pure than in the cities, there is only one reason for this, that is the number of trees and plants in the village. And there are no polluting factors present here. In which the environment is harmed but whatever little co2 is spread in the atmosphere. It is absorbed by the trees, and due to the abundance of trees, the environment here is clean.

Same if we talk on the other side then the environment of the city has started getting polluted a lot. Because there are some other factors apart from the many polluting factories here. Due to which the amount of co2 is increasing, the trees in the city are negligible as compared to the villages. If you have ever paid your attention, you will see very few trees there and whatever trees are there, they are continuously being cut.

Similarly, if indiscriminate felling of trees continues, then the whole world will one day become a victim of drought. Due to which more and more starvation will spread, when there will be no forests, then how will there be rain? These trees and plants are also a reason for rain.

The government has also banned the felling of trees and its strict laws have also been made. Despite this, people are cutting trees by stealth. Everyone should plant trees around them. So that your life can be safe, and also make others aware to plant trees. So that they also start planting trees, so that you never feel lack of oxygen.

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