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Train is a very helpful means by which we can travel long distances very easily. Train travel also takes time. Because it is not an airplane that can fly, but a train and the train runs on the railway track. But train is not a Hindi word but it is an English word. Since everyone knows this vehicle by the name of train, due to which everyone understands it as a Hindi word but it is not so. What is the meaning of train?

what is train

Train is called Railgadi and Rail in Hindi, the word Railgadi seems a bit outdated. But some time ago people in the village knew the train by the name of train only. But with time everything changes, and everything is mostly spoken in English. Or it is preferred to speak, in the same way now people prefer to say train instead of Hindi word train. Which is an english word.

Normally people use four wheelers, but trains are used more for long journeys. And the ticket is charged according to the distance of the destination, and due to technology, train ticket booking has also become easy. We can book the train sitting at home, for which there are many websites and apps available, and the official website of the railway is IRCTC.

The train was invented in a way in 1804 by Richard Trevithick. But Richard was not successful in this, and the world’s first successful train was invented in 1825. Which was invented by George Stephenson and the train started in India in 1853.

And from that time till today, many improvements have been made in the train due to which different types of advanced trains are present today. Which are faster than the usual train and the name of the most advanced train of this time is bullet train. It is called bullet train because its speed is much faster than normal trains. Which has been given the name of bullet train as the fastest train.

In the early decades, the train was run by steam engine, but now electricity is used to run the train.

Trains are not only used for the travel of humans, but different types of goods are transported. For which there are special trains which are called freight trains in Hindi. They only transport different types of hardwares/products as there is no passenger room in freight trains. Rather, it remains completely open and even the heaviest objects are transported. Such as Tank (army), vehicles, containers etc.

In this article you learned what is train and train meaning. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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