What is Times of India | TOI full form

Today we will know about a newspaper company which is a big newspaper company of India. Whose name is TOI, by the way TOI is the short form of that company. And along with that its full form is also printed on that news paper. From which the reader can easily know. What is TOI and what is the full form of TOI?

What is Times of India

The full form of TOI is Times of India, TOI is an Indian paper company. Whose popularity is very high, if you want, you can search about it online too. If you search in google “top indian newspaper” then TOI means, times of india you will get on first rank.

And some surveys say that TOI is the third largest newspaper company in India. Be that as it may, TOI is a top popular newspaper company. TOI was established in 1838, which was established by the British. And it was started in the name of Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce.

In 1861, its name was changed from Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce to Times of India. Which was shortened to TOI and the Sahu family of Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh manages TOI.

In this article you learned what is TOI. And what is the full form of TOI? We hope that the information will prove useful to you.