What is telegram

Telegram is also one of the top messengers in the world. Which is considered more secure than WhatsApp in terms of security, although we do not confirm this   . What is Telegram?

founder and ownerPavel Durov
Year of establishment14 August 2013
other optionswhatsapp skype _

what is instagram

Telegram is a widely used messenger, Telegram was developed in 2013 by Nikolai and Pavel Durov.

telegram profile picture

Telegram is the only social media ie messenger application. On which we get the option to set more than one profile picture. You can set as many profile pictures as you want.

telegram contact

After creating a Telegram account, all those contact numbers appear on the Telegram home page. Those who are using Telegram or not and if you want to contact them on Telegram. Want to message or call them? So you can click on that contact. And the option of chatting will come, you can chat with them online. Can make video calls and make voice calls. And during this time you will not have to pay any kind of charge, because it is an internet service which is completely free.

telegram group

There is a group option on Telegram whose capacity is up to 200000 group members. Due to which any information can be easily conveyed to more than one person at once. Because in other messengers like WhatsApp etc. the group member limit is very limited. In which more members cannot be included. But you can add up to 200000 group members in the group of your Telegram account. And can share any information with them in just one click.

Online status

If any Telegram user in your contacts is currently online, they appear on the home page of your Telegram account. A blue dot is shown along with the profile picture of online users, which helps us a lot in online chatting. Because we can see in real time who is currently online and who is not online. And that too without going into his profile.

telegram web

Telegram Web is a version of Telegram designed for computers. Using this, you will be able to access your mobile’s telegram on the computer as well. For which no additional software is required. For this, the code has to be generated by going to the Telegram web on your computer. And that code has to be scanned from the telegram of your mobile. After which the data of your mobile telegram will also appear in your computer and you will be able to chat from there also.

Language Support on Telegram

Telegram provides a total of 58 language support to its users. So that people of different languages ​​and different countries can use Telegram easily.

Ability to manage multiple accounts

Telegram allows its users to manage multiple accounts without having to logout. And the process of adding all the accounts to the Telegram account is the same, for which you have to go through a verification process. And you don’t need all the accounts can be switched, so that you will be able to message from the desired account.

People nearby

Nearby is a very unique feature of Telegram. Because through this we can find out the people around us, who all are using Telegram. Even if we do not have his contact number. But using this feature, you can also search only them from Telegram. Those who have turned on the people nearby option, so if you turn on the option of people nearby. So remember that your nearest person Jogi is around 8-10 kms. Can find you even without your mobile number, and in some conditions can make your privacy disappear. So use this feature wisely.

What can you do with Telegram

Telegram can be used as a messenger, you can message, make video calls, and make voice calls. And it doesn’t matter which country you’re in, you can make international calls through Telegram.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Telegram

  • We can message any person for free through Telegram. Can make video calls, can make voice calls.
  • You can connect with maximum number of people through Telegram group whose limit is 200000.
  • If you want to create a huge audience, then you can create a Telegram channel, because there is no audience limit on Telegram channel. Unlimited people can be added on this.
  • Telegram is completely free, for this you will not even be shown ads.
  • You can run more than one Telegram account in the same Telegram app.

In this article you learned what is telegram and Telegram meaning. We hope this article will prove useful for you.