What is student | Student meaning

A person taking education in a school, college or any other educational institution is called a student. Then whether he is a student of a small class or a big one, it does not matter, he will be called a student. What is a student?

What is student

In other words, the person doing study is called Student.

The main objective of a student is to get better education. Because if you get better education today, you will create better opportunities for your future.

And often many students make the same mistake that they do not understand their student life. And once the student life is over, they repent.

But then what is the use when the field is pecked by the bird, because many students leave their studies midway. Then it can be any class Primary calss (1 – 5), secondary calss (6 – 10) higher secondary (11 – 12) .

And they have to face problems later. Due to lack of any marksheet, degree, they are not able to get a good job.

That’s why it is necessary for all the students to study better. Increase the opportunity of your future successes by getting more good marks.

Because today’s student is the future of tomorrow’s world, you can take the example of student from Missile man (APJ Abdul Kalam). Because if you want to study then no situation can stop you from studying. Abdul Kalam is an inspiration for all the students.

Even if your circumstances are not good, you can study. You may just need to manage a little, you can also do part time job.

Many students stop their study during secondary class (6 – 8). And that too just to earn money, and that too in spite of being in a better condition.

So I would just like to tell you that your primary task in student life should be study and other things secondary. Yes, you can earn money even in student life, there are many such ways. Such as online task, blogging, as a video creator etc.

But one should not compromise with his studies in his affair. But I do not mean at all that if you have an idea, then you should not work on that idea. Rather do it at all, but at the same time focus on your studies as well.

Because many big inventions were done by their founder in student life only. Such as steam engine, Facebook, Microsoft etc.

So it is absolutely wrong to say that the student should give 100% of his time only on studies. Rather if a student gives his 70% to study then it is enough.

If you want, you can focus on other tasks as well because all-round development of the student is more beneficial. Maybe you achieve something in your student life that you don’t need a job.

What are the qualities a good student should have

A good student should have passion for studies, should be inquisitive, so that he can learn new things. A good student not only in studies but also actively participates in sports and various other competitions.

In this article you learned what is student and student meaning. We hope that the information will prove useful to you.

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