What is SP | SP full form

SP rank is an officer post in police. SP has to look after the work of any one district. And being an SP is a big thing in itself. Because the recruitment that takes place to become SP It is very difficult, what is SP.

Many people know the post of SP by the name of SP only. So aaj hum aapko sp ka full form kya hota hai. Will also tell about this and some important points related to SP.

what is sp

The full form of SP  is Superintendent of Police. The SP is the head of all the police force in a district, and the work load of the entire district is on the SP.

The rank of SP is above that of ASP. SP has an Ashoka pillar and a star on the uniform. Every person who is below SP in police wants to become SP. Because becoming SP is a matter of pride in itself.

SP’s job is to keep his district safe and peaceful from corruption or terrorism or criminal activities in his district. It is the responsibility of the SP to handle law and order as well as to prevent crime completely.

How to become SP, Qualification for SP

If you want to become SP then first you have to become IPS or DSP. And then you have to work for 5 to 10 years. And then your promotion is done for SP by senior officers. And to become IPS you have to give UPSC and PCS exam. This exam is very difficult and it is not possible for everyone to pass it.

For SP you should be mentally fit and your body fitness should also be good. In which things like your length, chest width etc. are seen.

If I talk about educational qualification in becoming SP, then for this you have to complete graduation from any university. And you should also have good marks, only then you can apply for the post of SP.

What is the salary of SP

If I talk about salary, then I would like to tell you that the salary of SP is Rs.15,600 to Rs.39,000 per month. Along with this, Rs 7,600 per month is available on grade pay.

In this article you learned what is SP and SP full form. We hope that the information will prove useful to you.

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