What is SLR | SLR full form

Due to increasing technology, now you will not get to hear the name of the word SLR. But till some time ago SLR used to be the primary method of photography. About which we will know here. What is the full form of SLR?

SLR has become an outdated product at this time, which is not used at all.

What is SLR camera

The full form of SLR is Single Lens Reflex. Which is a camera and it is no longer used. Now DSLR is used instead of SLR because SLR used old technology.

But the SLR was introduced in a new form. Which was given the new name DSLR. Because all modern things have been used in SLR, which are much more capable than SLR.

Capturing pictures and taking prints through SLR was very difficult. Because reel (film) was used as storage in SLR. And once the picture was captured, a negative print of the photo was made on the film. Which was printed on paper with a long process.

And once used film could not be re-used. New empty film was always needed to capture new photos.

Photos captured with SLR cannot be deleted, and it is not possible to take more photos in one reel (film).

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Single lens was used in SLR, there was lack of features in SLR. Because SLR did not have advanced features like DSLR. But according to the time, SLR was also a very useful device, because there was no other option than SLR at that time.

There were also SLRs with AAA size batteries, because electricity was also a problem at that time. Because of which there was often a battery option, although not all SLRs were the same. Rather, there were also battery and electricity based SLRs.

The way photos captured from DSLR can be viewed on Computer / mobile or other devices. This was not possible in SLR because SLR were Film based. Whose negative could be seen on the film. But to see its real image, its processing was necessary.

In this article you learned what is SLR camera and SLR full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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