What is sitemap, How to create and submit Sitemap

A sitemap is a library of links on a website that includes all the links on that website. What is sitemap, How to create and submit Sitemap, And the list of all types of content links is provided separately. This makes it easier for search engines to read and rank the website link and its content. What is Sitemap?

What is Sitemap, How to create and submit Sitemap 

A sitemap is a file protocol and a sitemap contains a list of links to a specific website. And they remain divided into different directories on the basis of a main post photo video etc. in the link category.

And it depends on which sitemap generator the sitemap is created using. Because all sitemap generators work in different ways. Like XML Sitemap Generator free version generates sitemap of website’s post link. Which is limited to only 500 pages. The updated date in the sitemap automatically changes when the website posts are updated.

While the Yoast plugin of World Press Contact Management System also includes links to all pages, all posts, categories, tags, etc. of the website in its sitemap. For which it uses a separate directory. Whereas Jetpack Sitemap generates website posts as well as image sitemaps.

However, these are some computer programs that work on the side to generate websites. While most of the big websites design their own sitemap.

The date and time the post was updated is also present in the sitemap. Which the search engine gets to know about the post update quickly. But a website’s sitemap does not guarantee ranking in search engines. It is possible that a website without a sitemap can also get a better rank than a website with a sitemap, because many conditions apply for ranking in search engines.

Helpful for users and search engines

Because sitemaps collect a list of website links under a special protocol. And it is helpful for the search engine as well as helpful for the user. Because in this case any user can go to the sitemap of a website and see the collection of its links. How many posts are there in total or how many types of posts are there like category, tag, post, image, page etc.

Some websites display links in the sitemap by year and month. While some websites display all the links on a single page which is quite complicated for the user. And most of the website’s sitemap pages are displayed in small fragments. Like 10 links on one page or 200 links or 1000 links etc. More links are displayed on the next page.

Search engines will index post without sitemap or not

All search engines can still crawl all the URLs of your website without any bias. And also index because all search engines make every effort to crawl all the URLs of the website. Which depends on many facts. In how much time the search engine will crawl your new blog post and index it and show it in the search result.

But the main problem in this is that there are many such URLs on all websites. Which are not important at all for the users of that website. Therefore, it is important for all website owners to use robots.txt file on their website to block phone files that they do not want to appear in search engines.

But it does not mean at all that if you use robots.txt file or use noindex tag. So it doesn’t mean it at all. That you do not need any sitemap. Because search engines will index all the URLs of your website but you have to tell the search engine which are the important URLs of your website. Which you can put on the side of your blog website.

And when you put any post on your website, when Google and other search engines crawl and index that URL. So that process is not the final process. Rather when search engine index any block post. So it re-crawls that URL from time to time according to its algorithm. And he tries to better understand the information present in the blog post so that search engines can provide appropriate content to their users.

And when you create your website in the side, it automatically includes the URL of all the posts of your website in the side. And when you make any correction in that post of yours. So the sitemap includes the date it was modified. So that the search engine gives more importance to the URL present in the sitemap than other URLs. And through the sitemap, the search engine also gets more information.

And when any new blog post is indexed by the search engine, then to keep that article updated after the new information is updated. So that the search engine can provide the latest updated information to its users. For this constantly crawls the young real of the sitemap, which is expected to rank better.

How to create Sitemap

There are different ways to create a sitemap, if you want, you can create a sitemap for your website by yourself. But if you create a side by yourself, then you will have to put the link of your website in it from time to time. Which may be very difficult for you, but its other solution also exists. For which there are many websites available and by using those websites you can easily create a website for your website. For which the most famous website is sitemap.org.

Sitemap.org offers two options for creating a sitemap, the first of which is a free sitemap. In which a maximum of 500 URLs can be included i.e. if you have less than 500 URLs on your website. So you can create this sitemap for your website. But if you have more than 500 URLs on your website, then you will have to choose the premium plan. For which you have to tell and then you can include unlimited links of your website in it. For which you will not have to do anything, but that sitemap will automatically sync all the URLs of your website.

  1. For this you just have to go to sitemap.org
  2. Enter your website URL
  3. Click on the Start button

In just a few seconds or minutes, your website’s sitemap will be ready. And how long it takes will depend on this. How many block posts are currently available on your website? Because the more contacts you have on your website. It will take more time to scan it, so just wait for some time and when your sitemap will be ready. So sitemap.org will give you a URL that is something like example.com/sitemap.xml.

And make sure your blog is on blogger.com blog, website is on any other content management system. Or you have developed your own website then you will need to upload the sitemap file in your program file.

How to create sitemap of WordPress website

If you use WordPress website then you will not need to use any third party website. Because there are many such plugins, using which you can make your website on the side. For which there are many seo plugins. Which allow you to generate free site maps, which mainly include Yoast seo and Jetpack.

All you need to do is install these plugins on your WordPress website. And then enable the sitemap by going to the settings of the plugin and after that you can open your website side by side. Whose URL will be something like this, example.com/sitemap.xml or example.com/sitemap_index.xml.

How to submit sitemap to search engine

When you create a site for your website, then your main work is done. Submitting that sitemap to the search engine because until you submit that side to the search engine. Till then it has no importance because when the search engine will not crawl that sitemap, then how will it process them.

And for this you have to submit your sitemap manually in all search engines like google bing etc. Along with this, you also have to submit in the robots.txt file of your website. And if you have not yet created a robots.txt file for your website, then create a robots.txt file as well, and put your website’s sitemap in that too.

How to submit sitemap to Google search engine

  1. First of all go to your google search which account and click on the 3 line on the left side and click on sitemap/links
  2. Submit by entering the sitemap address of your website
  3. click on submit

When your sitemap is submitted, you can refresh the page to see if it is processing or successful. And if successfully submitted, you can see the total number of URLs synced in it.

Many times the sitemap is not submitted due to some error, then if the sitemap is not successful after submitting it. So please wait for some time your sitemap will be indexed successfully. But if the fetching is failed then click on delete by clicking on three dot in your submitted site. And submit that sitemap again, surely your sitemap will be submitted and processed successfully.

And if you submit the main site of your website to the Google search engine, then all the sitemaps that come in addition to that will be automatically indexed. Like there is a sitemap of the post or of the page or of the author etc.

How to submit a sitemap to Bing

The process of submitting a sitemap to the Bing search engine is almost the same. But in this you have to note that in Bing you have to manually submit all the sitemaps of your website. Like different page of post, different author etc.

  1. Go to your Bing Webmaster Tools
  2. Click on Sitemap on the left side and enter your sitemap address
  3. click on submit

In this article you learned what is Sitemap and how to create and submit Sitemap. We hope this information will prove useful for you.