What is RTO | RTO full form

If you are young then you must have heard the name of RTO sometime or the other. Because today everyone uses vehicles, be it a two wheeler or a four wheeler. And in such a situation, one of the most important things is the control of the RTO on the vehicles. Yes vehicle management comes under RTO. And almost everyone definitely goes to the RTO office to get DL made for himself. Which is done many process and testing issue. What is RTO?

What is RTO

The full form of RTO  is Regional Transport Office, RTO is such a system. Which manages the entire transport system within its limits. As you have been told above the full name of RTO, which means “Regional Transport Office”.

All states have separate offices and officers for their districts and their teams. And the RTO code of all the districts is also different. And the RTO code of that district is used on all the vehicles of that district.

Then it does not matter whether the vehicle is two wheeler or four wheeler, there is a common RTO code for all. The advantage of which is that that vehicle can be easily traced anywhere in India, where this vehicle belongs to.

Because many such accidents or crimes keep happening. In which the police finds the vehicle, or an accident in which the driver leaves the vehicle and runs away. Etc. In all these conditions RTO code is the only way. Due to which that vehicle owner can be reached very easily.

Because when any person buys any vehicle, then the registration of his vehicle is done. In which the vehicle owner’s identity and other documents are submitted to the RTO. That is, the complete data of the vehicle owner is available in the RTO office.

So, in order to reach the vehicle owner, first the RTO office will be accessed through the RTO code of that vehicle. And that RTO office will provide the details of the owner from the registration number of that vehicle.

The work of RTO is to issue vehicle registration, dl, give permit etc. Transport department is under RTO only, if you want to know RTO code printed on a vehicle. So it is very simple, the number plate of any vehicle has RTO code at the beginning itself.

For example, suppose the RTO code starts from up on the vehicle of all the districts of Uttar Pradesh. And after that there are two digits like the RTO code of Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh will be “UP 44”.

In this article you learned what is RTO and RTO full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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