What is PUC, PUC full form

PUC is one of the things that is asked during checking. And many people do not have any idea that why PUC is necessary for vehicles. What is the full form of PUC?

While it is necessary for a vehicle driver / owner to keep information about all these things. So that he never has to face any problem, because it happens very rarely. Have to pay fine for PUC, but if the investigation team asks for PUC from you. And you do not have PUC, of ​​course you can be penalized.

What is the full form of PUC?

The full form of PUC  is Pollution Under Control, which in Hindi is called pollution under control. UC is the only certificate that verifies that your vehicle does not pollute much. Rather, it pollutes within a certain limit, which is the limit given for vehicles.

how to make puc

The way DL means DL is a certificate, which certifies the ability to drive your vehicle. And you can get dl made from your rto office. In the same way, you can go to your emission test center and get the PUC of your vehicle done.

Your vehicle will be tested for issuing PUC certificate. And if your vehicle is within the limit set by the government, then only PUC will be issued for your vehicle.

For which your vehicle will be started and testing will be done through silencer. As we have told you above that PUC is complete (Pollution Under Control), so if your vehicle’s pollution is under control then you will get PUC. Which is issued for a fixed time, whose maximum validity is for 1 year.

Yes, the validity of PUC is for a very short period, and perhaps this is the reason that most people do not have PUC. Especially 70% people use the bike without PUC. The reason for which is the validity of the short period of PUC. And there is also a special reason not to do PUC checking even during checking.

The rule of PUC is only so that there can be some help in controlling pollution. However, 100% pollution control is not possible only through PUC. Because there are many sources apart from vehicles, which create a lot of pollution.

By the way, if PUC can be made then it is a good thing because by this you will know the condition of your vehicle. And you will also get the certificate, but whether you have PUC or not, if your vehicle is creating pollution then it is also your responsibility to get your vehicle serviced and repaired.

In this article you learned what is PUC and PUC full form. We hope that this information will prove useful for you.

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