What is Pubg, What is the full form of Pubg

Pubg is the most played game in the world. Not only children but youth also like to play this game very much. What is Pubg, What is the full form of Pubg, Although pubg is a very interesting game, but due to its being interesting, there are also many disadvantages. Although there are some advantages as well but there are more disadvantages than advantages. So if away from PUBG then more is better. What is Pubg?

About 90% of those who play PUBG do not know the full form of PUBG. So today we will give you basic information about PUBG. This is the world’s first game, which has become the most popular. And the reason for this is battle and multiplayer.

what is pubg, What is the full form of pubg

The full form of Pubg is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds  . There is a huge ground of unknown players. Where players play this game.

PUBG is a multiplayer battle game played online. Because in this all the players have to connect with each other. So that everyone can play together and all the activities can be kept updated. The connection that is made between all the players, everyone gets the same process, activity.

How many players are there in pubg

Pubg is available in two versions and there is a lot of difference between the two. There are 100 players in a match in PUBG. Which are connected to each other online, and all the activity is updated by the server. If a single player also does an activity. So it affects all the players. While playing PUBG, it does not feel like it is a game. Rather it feels like we are really fighting.

But as far as PUBG Lite is concerned, earlier 40 players were made to land in PUBG Lite. But its number was increased to 60. Due to which players get a much better experience even in PUBG lite. Because not everyone can play PUBG mobile. Because not everyone has the same phone. So people with low budget prefer only PUBG lite. Because the size of PUBG lite is much less than PUBG. So that people can enjoy PUBG even in phones with less space.

pubg team

You can play PUBG teamwise, if you want, you can play by making a team of 2 people, or if you want, you can play by making a team of 4 people. You can even play alone. If you want to play solo, you will be sent to the battle ground with them. Which other players also want to play solo. And if you want to play squad PUBG, then you will also be landed on the ground with the team. And other players will also be with the team.

Landing on Battle ground

In PUBG, all the players are sent to the battle ground simultaneously. And that too without any weapon, the players only have their clothes and nothing else. All the players are taken to the ground through a plan. The plan goes from one end of the ground to the other. And the player who can land wherever he wants in the whole ground.


Different types of maps are present in PUBG, in which the player can sleect the map in which he wants to play PUBG by going to his PUBG. Can play more, but before that the map has to be downloaded. There are also multiple modes in PUBG, which is of maps, and there is a different type of battle in it. Due to having multiple maps in PUBG, players do not feel boring, because they can play PUBG in whatever map they want whenever they want.

what is the difference between pubg map and mode

There is a lot of difference between PUBG map and mode. Everything happens normally in the map, but in the mode the players are made to land on the ground with weapons. And the area is already restricted, and can be played only inside that area. Get killed in this but we get alive again. Because in most modes a limit is fixed to win. The team that will touch that limit first will be the team winner.

Although payload is also a mode. But payload is different from other modes because it is played on the map.

weapons in pubg

As we have mentioned above that PUBG is a battle game. So it is obvious that weapons will also be needed in this. There are different types of weapons in PUBG, which are in the buildings. Which players have to find by themselves. All the players find guns according to their own choice. And kill other players, these weapons include guns, bows, swords, tawa, machine guns, etc.


If the player is damaged. So he can use bandage, med kit, energy drink, pain killer etc. to cure his health. If someone’s health becomes very weak and he does not heal, then even a bullet can knock him out. Or death can also happen.


Revive is the best feature of the PUBG game. Because if any other player damages (Knock out) any of your team member. Or does it to you, then the team member who would not have been knocked out. He can revive the knocked out members.

the winner

The one who survives till the last wins in PUBG. Then it does not matter how many players you have killed, only the player who survives till the last will be the winner. This is the reason why people do not battle too secretly when the PUBG game is played. But when only a few players are left in the match, then all the players hide and find each other. And attack them so that they can become the winner by killing them.

How to earn money from PubG

This is a very asked question that how to earn money from pubg. Because often we get to hear that we can earn money by playing games. So people doubt whether it is true or false. And if it can be earned then how. So you will find Hindu articles and videos about this, in which you will be told that you get money by killing in PUBG. But by not doing this at all, you will not earn any income by playing. Yes, but you can make a video of your played game and put it on YouTube. And if people like your video. If seen, you will have a very good income.

And if you use YouTube, you must have come across a lot of PUBG videos. Someone uploads funny videos of pubg. So someone plays PUBG in a very professional way and puts videos on YouTube. So make any way you can make video of pubg game. Because playing PUBG and making videos of it is absolutely free. And uploading on youtube is also free. And if your video is watched then your income will also be there. You will be able to earn money, but only and only when your videos are viewed. Remember, you don’t get paid for uploading videos on YouTube. Rather, it is less according to the views, which depends on the ad.

How to download pubg game

You can download pubg game using google play store. But remember, you will be able to download only the Indian version. Because PUBG has been banned from India, yes this thing is different. That people still download and play banned pubg using vpn.

  • First go to Google Play Store
  • search pubg and click on pubg
  • click on install

But if you want to download wali pubg then follow this process

  • First of all download and activate vpn from google play store and search pubg in google
  • The official website of PUBG will appear, click on it
  • click on download apk
  • After downloading complete click on this file and click on install

Remember if you download unbanned pubg, you must use a vpn while doing it first, otherwise you will not be able to play that pubg.

What is the benefit of playing PubG game

There is nothing special about playing a PUBG game, it is just a game. But it is like a bad addiction in some way. You might get addicted to it. And especially very famous. That’s why most people want to know about this. After all, what is the benefit of playing PUBG, but there is nothing like the benefits of playing PUBG.

Which country’s game is PubG? who is the owner of pubg

PubG founder Brendan Greene and PubG is run by Tencent Company. Which is a Chinese company, but along with being banned in India, Indian PUBG has also been launched. That is not pubg mobile it is just being handled by IQ company. There is an Indian company, and for this there is a partnership between Tension and IQ Company.

In this article you learned what is Pubg and what is the full form of Pubg. We hope this article will prove useful for you.