What is PRP | PRP full form

PRP is such a treatment, which is used directly to solve a problem. PRP is mostly used for hair, so are you also thinking about PRP treatment. If yes then it is important for you to get information about it. What is PRP, and prp full form.

PRP is such a treatment, in which there is no problem of any kind of reaction. Because no external medicine or injection is used in PRP.

What is PRP

The full form of PRP is Platelet-Rich Plasma, which is used in the body of the person from whose blood it is prepared. If you have hairfall problem and you want to stop your hairfall. Want to thicken your hair and search related questions on the internet. So you must have heard about PRP, because PRP proves to be a very best option for hair health.

PRP is used in the treatment of muscles and joints etc. In the same way, the scalp also gets damaged to a great extent due to wrong living and not taking care of it, or it becomes weak to a great extent.

PRP is used to improve different types of muscles in the body. If you have scalp damage and a lot of hairfall or your hair is very thin. So you should consider PRP so that you will get good results.

How is PRP done?

So you may find it a bit painful after hearing the treatment of PRP. Maybe you can remove the idea of ​​getting PRP done from your mind. Because treratment by PRP is something like this

First of all the blood of the person to whom PRP is to be given is taken and it is centrifuged. Due to which red cells and plasma are separated and plasma itself is injected through injections.

PRP is 5 times more powerful than normal blood. So you can imagine how good result you can get from PRP. And applying injection to the scalp can feel a little painful process. But don’t be afraid that area is numbed during PRP because the injection has to be injected mulitple time.

If we talk about hair PRP, then there are two types of PRP, one normal and the other biotin, the process of both normal and biotin is the same. Simply attaching biotin to biotin PRP allows the PRP to work more quickly.

prp hair treatment price

The average cost of PRP will be around 4500 for 1 session, although it also depends on that clinic or hospital. From whom you want to take PRP, how much does it charge per session. The average cost of normal PRP is 4500 INR, and the average cost of Biotin PRP is 6000 INR.

Can PRP regrow hair loss?

Any person who wants to get PRP done for his hair, this is a big doubt in his mind. After getting PRP done, his hair fall will come back or not. But there is no one answer, but PRP works differently in different situations.

PRP will not work where your hair has completely fallen out. That means your hair fall will not come. But if your hair has become very thin or your hair grows very slowly. And if there is a problem of hair fall, then all these problems will go away, and your thin hair will become thick. And we would suggest getting PRP done because there are many such hairs on our head which have become very thin. They are almost on the verge of extinction. But if PRP is done then thin to thin hair and which are on the verge of ending completely. They can also come to life, but keep one thing in mind that if the hair is completely gone. then new hair will not grow in that place, Because PRP hair treatment does not work to grow new hair. Rather, whatever hair is there, even if it is very thin, even if it is very weak, it gives strength to it. So that your hair can stop breaking and the hair that is there can become strong, thick so that your baldness can be hidden.

PRP sessions

PRP sessions can play an important role in the treatment, because no miracle can be expected from just one PRP session. However, PRP is much more effective than other medicines and oils.  But for this you may have to take more than one session.

However, you will start getting good results from the very first session of PRP. But you may need to take at least 2 to 3 sessions to get a better result. In such a situation, the weekness of your hair can go away completely.

In this article you learned what is PRP and PRP full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.