What is prime minister | PM full form

What is Prime Minister, PM full form

The head of the Government of India is the Prime Minister, apart from this he is also the advisor to the President, the chairman of the cabinet, the leader of the majority party in the Lok Sabha. Overall, the burden of the country rests on the shoulders of the Prime Minister. But the question is that how much is the salary of a person on such an important post.

how much is the salary of prime minister

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, was given a monthly salary of Rs 1 lakh, 60 thousand. And it also has many allowances which were attached to it.

The Prime Minister’s basic salary is Rs 50,000 and constituency allowance is Rs 45,000, and daily allowance is Rs 2,000. Means Rs 62,000 in a month and expenditure allowance Rs 3,000, and if all this is added together then the total would have been Rs 1,60,000.

But now his salary has increased to INR 2,50,000.

If we talk about the expenses behind the Prime Minister, then many times more of his salary is spent only behind his security. I would like to tell you that about 1.50+ crore rupees are spent for their security. So you can imagine how much would be spent on other things like car to move, house to live in, food to drink, ship to travel for a long time etc.

If we compare the salary of other political posts with the salary of the Prime Minister, then the salary of the Prime Minister is very less.

If we talk about the works of the Prime Minister, then many works are done by him. Because they have the responsibility of the whole country. Because of this, they work only at special places, which is like this.

what is the job of prime minister

Presiding over the meetings of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet, advising the President on the appointment of other ministers in the Council of Ministers. To distribute the portfolios of the ministers, to change the portfolios of the ministers as per the requirement. The appointment of India’s ambassador to foreign countries, governors of states, commanders of all three armies, chairman and members of various commissions, etc. is done by a prime minister.

what is the qualification to be prime minister

The person must be a member of Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha. And he should be at least 25 years of age, and it does not require any degree or diploma.

PMO Prime Minister’s Office

The full name of PMO is Prime Minister’s Office. Which in Hindi means Prime Minister’s Office.

However, till 1977, the PMO was called the Prime Minister’s Secretariat. But in 1977 it was changed and the Prime Minister’s Secretariat was changed to be called the Prime Minister’s Office.

Whose credit goes to Morarji Desai and as far as it is concerned. When the PMO was established, the Prime Minister’s Office was established during the time of the first Prime Minister of India.

India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru became the Prime Minister in 1947, and at the same time the Prime Minister’s Office was established.

And the PMO has the right of the same person who would have been on the post of PM in the present time. No PM gets the Prime Minister’s Office permanently.

The Prime Minister’s Office is located in New Delhi at South Block, Raisina hill, New Delhi.

No one can contact the prime minister directly

You will also know this thing that often you cannot directly contact the person who holds the responsibility of a very big position or a very big person. If you are a common man and you want to go and meet the Prime Minister directly then it is not much possible. Because if the Prime Minister starts meeting everyone like this, then when someone has any problem, he should reach the Prime Minister with a complaint instead of the administration.

In this article you learned what is Prime Minister and PM full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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