What is pic | Pic full form

Pic has become an important word in our daily life, because whether it is to use social media or social apps etc. or pic is an important part in them. By the way, the full form of pic is very easy. What does Pic mean?

But if you do not have an idea about the pic that matlab of the pic then no problem you will get complete information in this article.

what is pic

The full form of Pic is Picture which means picture in Hindi, which is known by many different names like Photo, Picture, etc.

And if somewhere a picture has to be sent to someone or a picture has to be ordered from someone. So normally people call it pic, even on social media etc people call photo as pic.

For example, if we talk about profile picture, then people also call it DP.

So whether you call display pic or normal photos pic all means picture. Like people message that send your pic, send pic etc.

So it means that he is asking for your picture.

In this article you learned what is the meaning of Pic and what is the full form of Pic. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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