What is PhonePe | PhonePe meaning

PhonePe is an application allowing online transactions which is UPI based. Online payment can be made by installing the PhonePe application and creating your account on it. Online recharge, bill payment etc can be done, even international transactions are possible through PhonePe. What is Phonepe?

what is phonepe

 PhonePe is an application providing digital payment and online transaction service. Which works in partnership with many banks, the parent company of Phone Pe is Walmart. Which is an American company.

Features of Phone Pe

phone pe wallet

Phone Pe Wallet is one such option that lets you do online transactions without UPI. Because you can keep the amount by entering your debit card details directly in the wallet on your phone. You can do all the same processes with your phone pay wallet, which you can do with your UPI ID on your phone.

mobile number to mobile number

If you want to transfer direct money from your mobile number to any person’s mobile number. So it is necessary for that person also, that he is using the phone, and you will be able to transfer money on his UPI ID.

mobile number to bank account

PhonePe allows its users to transfer money from mobile number to bank account. You just need to have more bank account details i.e. bank account number and IFSC code. The bank account number to which you want to send such.

auto pay

This is an option that proves to be very beneficial for the businessman as he can set up auto payments. So that the payment will be done automatically at the set time. There will be no need to do it manually. Suppose if you have to pay any person every month, then you have to do it manually. But when you set auto payment in PhonePe, automatic payment will be done on the date set by you.

scan and pay

You can pay using PhonePe’s Scan & Pay option on any other payment gateway. All you have to do is scan its barcode with the QR scanner on your phone. From whom you want to pay, then it does not matter whether the qr code is of phone pay company or google pay or any other company. If it is a payment gateway then the payment will be successful.


All transactions done by you irrespective of whether you have sent any amount to any person. Or the bill has been paid or any other person has paid you, then all those details are present in the history of your phone.

recharge and bills

You can recharge your different types of devices and pay your bills using the phone.

what is the upi id of phonepe

First of all you have to go to your phone pay. Then on the homepage My UPI id will appear on the Transfer money card. Your UPI ID will appear right in front of it.

How much money can be sent from PhonePe in a day 

You can do UPI medium to 100000 transactions in a day.

Where is PhonePe company?

PhonePe was created by Sameer Nigam, Rahul Chari, and Burzin Engineer. And its parent company is Walmart which is an American company.

In this article you learned what is PhonPe and PhonePe meaning. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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