What is Phising | Phising meaning

Phishing is a method that hackers use to hack people. And any person who does not know much about the Internet. They very easily become one with the phishing page. What does phishing mean?

what is phishing

Phishing is a page that is made to look like a website. So that the user feels that this is the original website. And that person enters his personal information such as login credentials on that page. That is, if the user enters the name and password or credit card or debit card details etc., then all the information reaches the hacker. And hackers login to that person’s account through those information. And by hacking their account, they operate it according to their wish.

By generating a link to the phishing page, the hacker sends it to the mobile number or email address of the person whom he wants to hack. And that hacker can give any lure in that message or can make fake promise of any kind of service. So that person is forced to open this page.

For example, if a hacker wants to hack your Facebook account, the first thing he will do is create a phishing page. Which will look exactly like the home page of Facebook. And he will send the link of that page to you with a special message. So that you click on that link and when you click on the link, you will feel that it has opened Facebook. And you will login by entering your password and mobile number. But if it is a phishing page, then the information you enter will reach the hacker.

How to avoid Hacking

  • Make sure you haven’t received an email or message that includes a link.
  • And if you received a message that contains a link, before opening it, make sure that the link is original, or sent by the person or company.
  • If you are sure about the link, what it contains, and what you will get, then you can open it. But if you don’t have any idea what will happen if you open that link then don’t open it.
  • And if you have opened that link. So do not put the information sought on it, before entering the information, you searched it in Google. For example, suppose you open a link and you see the Facebook home page in it. In which you have to enter your password and mobile number, do not enter there. Rather, search Facebook in Google, and open facebook.com from there, then you can be sure to log in by entering your password and mobile number.

In this article you learned what is phising and phishing meaning. We hope this information will prove useful for you.


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