What is PGDCA | PGDCA full form

What is PGDCA

The full form of PGDCA is post graduate diploma in computer application. PGDCA is a post graduate diploma. Which is about computer as you all know that adca and dca are pgdca in exactly the same way but it is true that if there is difference in their name then there will definitely be difference in pgdca and their work. PGDCA is different from adca and dca because you can do dca without graduate/bachelor degree. But if you want to do PGDCA, then you must have graduate/bachelor degree and pgdca is also a 1 year course.

When can do PGDCA

You can do PGDCA anytime but the condition for this is that you have completed graduation. Because PGDCA is a post graduation course for which graduation is mandatory.

What is the advantage of doing PGDCA

Though PGDCA is a post graduation course but PGDCA will not take you in any engineering line. Rather, in this also you get to learn the basic of computer. If you have done graduation in science then you can do MCA instead of PGDCA.

In this article you learned what is PGDCA and PGDCA full form. We hope that this information will prove useful for you.

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