What is OSM | OSM full form

The word osm is used a lot in social media or in general talking. Basically people use it but do not have a specific idea about its full form. What is the full form of OSM?

what is the meaning of osm

The full form of OSM is Awesome, and Awesome is called very good in Hindi. We use the word OSM on the social media platform and we use the word osm to appreciate people by seeing all kinds of good deeds in the society.

Many times whenever we see such a video or photo while using Facebook, whatsapp or other social media platform. If a joke is very good, then you write osm in the comment instead.

You also use the word osm among your friends or people. Whenever you see something that you like very much or it is very good, even then you use the word osm there. In the same way you use the word osm in many places.

The word OSM is mainly a word written in cities or on social media. Because the term OSM is rarely used directly. While it is rarely used in rural areas.

अक्सर पूंछे जाने वाले सवाल

OSM pic meaning 

If you use replications from a social media website, you may see OSM subs on your social media posts. Because OSM has become everyone’s favorite word to respond to any post on social media. If people like your photo on social media, then you can write OSM in the comment or reply of your photo. Which means that your photo is looking very good, that is, your photo has been praised.

Looking OSM meaning

If any person keeps looking OSM to you, or you comment or reply on a photo. In which it says OSM or Looking OSM then it means this. That he wants to say that you are looking very good, you are looking smart etc. means that you have been praised in it.

What to reply to OSM

If any person calls you Looking OSM etc., then you can say thanks in his reply.

In this article you learned what is OSM and OSM full form. We hope that this information will prove useful for you. 

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