What is NSG | NSG full form

The full form of NSG is National Security Guard, which is the most dangerous guard of the country. Which is also known as black commando. What is the full form of NSG?

What is NSG

NSG was established on 22 September 1986.

The duty of NSG commando is engaged in more sensitive places or missions. Because NSG commandos are only such commandos. Which are designed to handle such a wide variety of situations that no other type of soldier can do such as

If any accident happens. Or there is a terrorist attack or any complicated situation. Well, there are different types of soldiers employed to handle all different types of situations. Like police, army, etc. But when the case is too complicated then NSG commandos handle it.

Or we can take the example of security, India’s highest level security is x, y, z, z+ security. Out of which the strongest security is of z+.

NSG commandos are included in Z and Z+ security. And in other security there is police and army.

No person can become NSG commando directly, but for this first you have to join defense like GD or CRPF, CISF, BSF etc.

But even after joining the army, not everyone can become an NSG commando. Rather, only a few selected soldiers will be selected for the NSG. And even in that all the soldiers are not able to complete the training of NSG.

NSG commandos are made all rounder, and their training is the most difficult. It is so hard that all the people selected from all the army are not able to complete its training. The salary of NSG commando is 83,333 monthly, and the annual income with other basic pay is around 10,00,000 INR.

In this article you learned what is NSG. and NSG full form. We hope that this information will prove useful for you.

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