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Although not very long ago, but in the assembly elections to be held after 2013-2014, you can see an extra voting option. Which is NOTA, about which not everyone is aware. Because NOTA is an extra option apart from all the candidates/parties. Which is given on evm about which we will get information here. What is NOTA, what is the full form of NOTA.

When was NOTA used?

Before 2014, there was no option of NOTA in India. Because there was no provision of NOTA for any election. But in 2013, it was decided by the Supreme Court that there should be an option of NOTA in the assembly elections. And since then NOTA is used in all the assembly elections.

What is NOTA

NOTA ka full form None of the Above hota hai NOTA sabhi parties ke aalawa ek additional option hota hai. Which is given on evm so that if the voter does not want to vote for any candidate/party then he/she can vote on NOTA. Which would mean that the person does not want to vote for any of these candidates.

Because there are many people who do not like any of the current candidates at that time. And it is necessary for the election commission to know this. How many people are there who are not supporting any of the existing parties.

And yes, the option of NOTA has been given only in the assembly elections. Because this is a very big election, and the number of people who vote NOTA is also very high.

NOTA needed

As we have mentioned above that the option of NOTA was introduced in 2013, before that there was no NOTA. But why did it become necessary that the option of NOTA should be made in the elections.

The reason for this is that there are many people who do not like any of the candidates of that time. And do not want to support anyone, due to which they do not go to vote at all. And in such a situation, there is a lot of problem because that person has not given his vote as to what he wants. While it is necessary that every person should vote.

But it is not the fault of that person also because when he does not like any party/candidate. So that person does not vote thinking whom he should vote for.

And this became the reason for the implementation of NOTA option. Because it is necessary that everyone should vote, even if they are against all the candidates.

There is no special procedure for NOTA rather NOTA is also handled like other candidates. For example, suppose all political parties are BJP, Congress, other state level parties, then in front of the name of their candidate/party, their election symbol is there in evm. In the same way NOTA is also included at the end of the list.

If a person gives his vote on NOTA, it means that he does not like any of the existing parties.

And yes NOTA is used only in assembly elections. There is no option of NOTA in other elections like Gram Pradhan, District Panchayat etc.

The Election Commission of India has clarified about NOTA getting majority, that if NOTA gets majority. So the party which gets the maximum number of votes among the rest of the parties is declared the winner. While there are many opinions on this that if NOTA gets the majority then the election should be conducted again.

What are the benefits of NOTA

By the way, the biggest advantage of NOTA is that the voter can go to vote. Then he may like or not like any of the existing parties because if that person does not want to vote for any party, he can do NOTA. And it is not that you will be the only one who does NOTA, but many people vote NOTA.

And the second biggest advantage of NOTA is that how many votes NOTA is getting. This allows all parties to be compared. And other rules for NOTA can be passed on the basis of NOTA vote banking. Which will be very important for the elections, such as  banning the parties that get votes less than NOTA for some time. Getting elections re-conducted when NOTA gets majority, etc. However, at present there is no such rule .

Because if NOTA was not there then many people would not have even voted because many people do not like to vote for any candidate of the present time. But this also the option of NOTA is available, so in that case also people can cast their vote. And if they do not like any candidate then they can opt for NOTA. Although NOTA votes do not affect any other party, it makes it easy to trace. That’s how many people there are who dislike all the candidates at that time.

In this article you learned what is Nota and Nota full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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