What is NGO | NGO full form

The full form of NGO is  Non- Governmental Organization which in Hindi means non-governmental organization . Which is a non-profit organization. And does different types of social work and that too without any profit in greed. What is NGO?

What is NGO

Such as social work, the campaign to save and grow the environment, human rights, helping the poor and orphans in any possible way. Various other works of interest to the country and society in which the NGO team has to work without the greed of any profit.

And if any NGO asks money for any task, then it cannot be called an NGO. Rather, it would be called cheating in the name of NGO. The NGO is mainly run by donation only. Or any company or business man can also run his NGO.

Although anyone can run an NGO, but if a rich person starts an NGO. So he will have very less problem of fund. So if you also want to do social work, then you can also start an NGO.

Here are some top NGOs of India

  • Goonj
  • Childline India (Childline India)
  • Karuna trust

If you want to donate to NGO. Donation can also be given by visiting their location or through their website or Facebook. Yes, when your birthday comes, now facebook suggests you to donate to NGO. In which the list of some NGOs will also be given to you.

In this article you learned what is NGO and NGO full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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