What is NDA | NDA full form

The full form of NDA is National Defense Academy, it is called National Security Academy in Hindi. What is NDA?

If we talk about where this academy is located, then it is located in Pune, its job is to select the youth of the country and train them for the Indian Army, Air Force and Navy. Also know an extra fact of this, this is the world’s first triangular academy.

I would like to tell one more thing that only male candidates can fill the form in NDA here. Because this academy is made only for male students.

What is NDA

If you want to join NDA, then you have to apply for its form, its form comes out twice a year.

Its exam is done through UPSC, it must have been understood by hearing the name of UPSC, that its paper would be difficult to a great extent.

But it is not such a thing that you cannot pass this exam, the candidate who studies with full dedication will definitely pass the exam.

If you pass the exam, then you will have an interview, which is called SSB, which candidates do not prepare for its interview properly. They are thrown out of it.

It is believed that many candidates are not able to pass the interview. And they get out, that’s why before giving SSB, it must be prepared properly.

And if you succeed in both of these then you will be selected in NDA. Where you will be trained for three years in Pune, it can be said that you will be taught.

Within three years, according to his performance, he will be selected as an officer in any one of the three armies. After this you will have to take one more training for one year when your training will be completed. Then you will become a part of them by joining the Indian Army.

What is the age requirement for NDA

Many youths are preparing for NDA very diligently with the dream of becoming an officer in the army. If you also want to prepare for NDA to fulfill your dream. So your age should be between 16.5 years to 19 years. Only then you can fill the NDA form.

In this article you learned what is NDA and NDA full form. We hope that the information will prove useful to you.

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