What is mouse, What does Mouse mean

The full form of Mouse is Manually Operated User Selection Equipment , Mouse is an input device. What is mouse, What does Mouse mean, Which is used to give commands to the computer. It is a part outside the computer which is connected via USB port/Bluetooth, What is mouse, What does Mouse mean.

What is mouse, What does Mouse mean

A mouse is a computer input device that operates on the user’s command to operate the computer. Such as going to a file, deleting a file or taking action on any other type of file, application, software, etc.

what is the function of mouse

The function of the mouse is to give commands to the computer or to operate the computer, through which we can take any action in the computer.

How many types of mouse are there

There are mainly five types of mouse out of which three types of mouse are most commonly used. Which are optical mouse, wireless mouse and touch mouse, as touch mouse is mainly used in laptops.

Mechanical mouse

The mechanical mouse was the first mouse in the mouse world to move on a ball base. In this, the ball rotates on moving the mouse, due to which the cursor of the computer also rotates. But this type of mouse is now used very rarely.

Optical mouse

Optical mouse is most commonly used because there is no ball attached to it. Rather, LED light is used for the pointer, which makes it very easy to manage this mouse. And along with the mouse, the cursor also moves in the computer.

Trackball mouse

A trackball mouse is a mouse whose pointer is pointing up. Which can be rotated with just one finger, and with the rotation of that pointer ball, the computer’s cursor also rotates.

Wireless mouse

The demand for wireless mouse is gradually increasing in the market because it is such a mouse. Due to which no wire is required to operate the computer. Rather it connects wirelessly, and you can operate your computer from a distance of 2 meters, 4 meters or even more. But the wireless mouse needs to be charged separately.

Touch mouse

Touch mouse is such a mouse which is not present in any computer. Rather touch mouse is used only and only in laptops. All companies provide inbuilt touch mouse in their laptops. This mouse can be used as a touch of a smartphone and this mouse automatically turns on as soon as the laptop is turned on. And automatically turns off when the laptop is off.

mouse parts

right button

The right button of the mouse is used to view the options available on any application software or file and to take action on it. For example, if a file exists on your desktop, you can delete it, edit it, or send it somewhere. And if you want to see these options. So you have to right click on that file by moving your cursor.

left button

The left mouse button is used to select and OK. Like if you see the options by pressing the right button on a file. So if you want to delete the file then you have to left click on the delete option. And that file will be deleted, or if you want to open the file in any program, you will have to double left click on it. Or suppose there are a total of 10 files on your computer desktop. And among them you have to delete any one file, and if you press the delete button of your keyboard, then no file will be deleted. Because which of those files have to be deleted. Your computer does not know this, so first of all you have to go to that file on your computer and click lift once. So that it will be delayed from the file, then you have to press the delete button, then that file will be deleted.

scroll button

Scroll button is a round button which we can rotate with the help of our finger. And if we go back and forth from that, our current page will be up and down.


If you want to move your computer from one file folder or property to another location. So you have to move the cursor, whose work is done by the pointer system present in the mouse. I just have to put it on some object. And the mouse has to move left and right. And the side you move the mouse, your computer’s cursor will move in the same direction.

what is the other name of mouse

Mainly mouse is known as mouse, but some people also call it pointer or computer cursor pointer.

what is the price of mouse

The price of mouse starts from ₹70 to ₹80 which goes up to 4 to 5000 ir or more. But at what cost you will get the mouse depends on the type of mouse you want to buy. If you want to buy a normal mouse for your basic use, then you will get the best mouse in 100 – 200inr. And if you want to get the touchpad mouse of the laptop, then it may cost you from 1000 to 5000 inr.

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The full form of Mouse is Manually Operated User Selection Equipment. Mouse is an input device, which is used to give commands to the computer.