What is MB | MB full form

MB is a measure of digital storage, by which the size of any file is known. MB is a long form of byte, which consists of 1000000 bytes. When the size of any digital file increases and after byte it becomes in KB. And if its size is more than 1024 KB then it is calculated in MB. What is MB?

What is MB

The full form of MB is Megabyte, which is a larger type of byte. MB is just a method of calculation, so that what is the size of a file or hardware. If the balance size of a hard drive memory card is 500MB left. So only files up to 500 MB can be transferred or saved in that drive.

What is the full form of MB?

The full form of MB is Megabyte because MB is the larger size of byte. Because of which it is called mega bytes i.e. huge or huge byte.

how many kb are in 1 mb

If the size of a file, folder or document exceeds 1024 KB, then it is not counted in KB but in MB. The size of MB is bigger than KB and there are total 1024 KB in one MB.

what happens after MB

If the size of any file folder or document exceeds 1024 MB. So that file will not be counted in MB and will be counted in GB, because there is 1 GB in 1024 MB.

how to see mb of a file

If you want to see the size of a file from your computer, right click on that file and click on Properties. And if you want to see file size in mobile. So go to file and click on three dot and click on detail

In this article you learned what is MB and MB full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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