What is marriage | Marriage meaning

Marriage is a recognition between two people, when someone marries each other, they become one socially and religiously. And both spend life together, marriage is also called wedding or marriage in English. What is the meaning of marriage?

what is marriage

Marriage is called wedding in English and marriage is called marriage in English. Both are pronounced differently but mean the same. When someone is married to each other, it means that both of them have become one socially and religiously. And both of them have got a recognition that they can officially spend their life together physically and mentally.

Getting married is very important for people, because only when we get married then our generation moves forward and life moves forward. Marriage is done in many ways, in which it is done according to the customs of different castes and religions. A few years ago, marriage used to happen at an early age, due to which there was a lot of problem in the society. But now there is a provision of marriage and if you want to get married then you have to be eligible for marriage.

At the time of King Maharajavo, marriage was done in a different way. In it, the women of the king’s house had the right to choose the groom according to their own, and for this the provision of Swayambar was kept. In which princes come from different states and stand in a line. And whichever prince the princess liked among them, the princess would put on him a barmala and she would get married.

But in today’s time, marriage is done very thoughtfully, in which both the boy and the girl first know and recognize each other. And then they understand everything among themselves and when they are satisfied with each other’s talk then they get married.

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