What is mad, Mad meaning

The word mad is used a lot, and that too in different conditions people speak mad in two conditions. The first is to an insane person or to a person who is mentally weak. One is the madman who speaks the truth and the other is the madman who speaks with love. what a mad 

what is mad

For example, in bf gf, in bro sis or in family and friends, etc. are also called mad with love.

There is no full form of mad, but if we talk about its meaning, then such a person whose mental balance is not right is called mad.

If the word mad is spoken for a mentally weak person, then the word mad is quite shameful. Because in a way that person was insulted, so before calling anyone mad, think whether it is appropriate to call him mad.

Yes but if you jokingly call someone crazy. There is no problem if someone is spoken to tease someone, because in that condition mad becomes a lovely word.

In the matter of lovers, the word crazy becomes a romantic word. Like lovers call each other Babu Sona etc., in the same way the word crazy is also used as a romantic word.

In this article you learned what is mad. And Mad meaning. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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