What is love, What is the full form of love

Love is such a thing in which people’s feelings are attached. What is love, What is the full form of love, To whom we call falling in love, at some point in life everyone falls in love. If you fall in true love with someone, then you are ready to do anything for him. So we will understand it in great detail and today this topic is very interesting. What is love, What is the full form of love.

If we talk about love, till date there has never been any one definition of it. So that we can be 100% sure that love is like this. Because all the people who fall in love, everyone has a different experience. Due to which the opinion of all the people is not united.

Although some things in love can be common within everyone because after falling in love, there is a feeling towards the other. It can be pretty much the same. When someone falls in love, the peace of days and nights is lost in it. I don’t like anything, I don’t understand what to do, what not to do, I just always keep my mind towards my lover or girlfriend.

what is love, What is the full form of love

When one falls in love with someone, no matter what he is, but for him he becomes the most beautiful person in the world. You can never hear anything bad about him from anyone, even if he has a million faults. But he ignores everything and keeps praising him a lot. Seeing this activity, often their friends keep joking about both of them. That friend, you have changed since you fell in love with her. Now he has started forgetting his friends, then he says that no friend, I will forget my friends for a while because of the girl.

We can say this about love in one sentence. That when such a relationship is established between two people that it becomes difficult to live without each other. And without seeing or talking to each other, if you don’t fall in love, then understand that love has happened.

what is the full form of love

By the way, there is no full form of love, people have made many full forms according to their own. Whoever got the sentence from love, people made its full form according to their feeling, for example like.

Life’s Only Valuable Emotion

How many types of love are there

Nowadays, according to the mentality of the people, there have been many types of love. As people expect from their love, in the same way its types got divided when people were not educated. Then their love was different, there was no mention of any kind in it, those people were truthful. And their love used to be true too, but now the way everything has become different types, similarly the types of love have become.

Now some people have started doing love for their own purpose, because they do not appreciate true love, in this way love has become of many types.

what is one sided love

The people who fall in love are one-sided at first, because the person you love doesn’t know them. That you love them when you express your love in front of them. So he comes to know that you love him. If the person in front also starts loving you, then it will be called love from two sides. But it does not happen to many people that the one whom they love should also love them.

Often one sided love happens mostly in school and college life, where boy and girl study together. Someone falls in love in the same class and after being together for some time. But for some reason he cannot tell his girlfriend that I love you. He thinks that even if I tell him that I love you, what will I do if he doesn’t get angry or doesn’t tell me?

To keep on loving a boy or girl without telling or the girl even knows. That you love her, yet the girl does not want to love you. But still you love him a lot then it is called one sided love.

By the way, one sided love remains for a very short time. Because when the next person is not interested in it, then you will also forget him after some time but sometimes one sided love of some people remains for life. Even if he gets married, his love does not decrease.

Love in relationships (brother, sister, parents, wife etc.)

If people look beyond the love of boyfriend and girlfriend, then such a love also exists. Nothing can be compared in life. He is unique, there is no adulteration in this love. If this love happens without any selfishness, then you too can understand what love is.

Family love is very important, this love should be kept carefully. Because it binds each other. This love can be between brother and sister, can be between father and son, can be between husband and wife. But everyone used to say that in all these loves, mother’s love is the most. Because mother has always been taking care of you from childhood till today. Often mother has tried to fulfill all your small and big happiness from childhood till today. Whenever you are sick or in any problem, then the most worried is a mother.

A father has a lot of love for his child but he does not show it off. They spend their whole life to make their children successful and earn as much as they can. They spend for the sake of their family, they sacrifice all their happiness for the sake of everyone, and work hard.

You should never forget the love of parents in your life the way they loved. You should also do the same to you and serve them by staying with them throughout your life.

love animals

There are many people among us who are very fond of animals and birds. And those people are doing a lot of good work in this field, love can happen to anyone. If you live among men, then you love them. Along with this, people are also connected with animals, everyone in the village loves animals. And they keep cows and buffaloes at their place, which they take good care of.

Apart from this, people are lovers of small animals which they like to keep with them. Like dogs, cats, rabbits and many other animals that people like to pet. But in cities, people mostly rear small animals, in which dogs, cats and rabbits are mostly reared. They are also very good to see, for this reason people love these animals.

There are many wild animals which are not domesticated. Because they are very dangerous, yet people like to see them, like lion, elephant, wolf and other animals etc.

love nature

We know all the things that exist naturally on our earth as nature. There is such a place on our earth. Seeing whom we will be surprised that how beautiful this sight is. I have never seen such a thing even in my dreams, with whom you will fall in love, you will not feel like coming from there. You would think how good it would be if we stayed here.

Everyone has attachment with nature because it is our lifeline. We are dependent on nature, whatever it wants will happen, nature has given us a lot. With which we are fulfilling our needs, if ever something untoward happens with nature, it definitely affects us.

Because many factors are being used by humans which are harming our nature. The government is constantly trying to stop it, but the responsibility of its safety is on us.

The view of nature is different from all, greenery mountains and sea all around, everyone likes these things very much. People who love nature visit this natural place.

what is mean love

In this Kalyug time, nothing has remained the same, be it humans or weather, everything has changed. Now some people are ready to do anything for their cause. They can stoop even lower for their selfishness, just to get their work done, they don’t care about anyone’s feeling, who has what feeling.

In today’s era, selfish love is happening too much. Be it a boy or a girl, some of them pretend to be in love for a few days to get their work done. And say that I love you very much or do. But after a few days they leave this love as soon as their meaning is gone or someone else is found, this kind of love is called selfish love.

Nowadays some girls do this a lot, they find a boy with good money. And keeps pretending to love them, and loots their money in one way or the other. As long as your purse is open for them. Till then she will stay with you, otherwise she will breakup on some minor issue or if she sees someone better than you, she will set up with them. Aur aapko chhodiye gee, money runs a lot behind this type of girl and this mostly happens with city boys.

But sometimes there is mean love from both the sides. The boy thinks that I am fooling the girl, and on the other hand the girl thinks that I am fooling the boy. Because of which this love cannot last for long. Because here both the people are smart, and do not waste money for each other.

Anyone can get trapped in selfish love because they have too much faith in their boyfriend or girlfriend. So everyone should be aware of this kind of selfish love. And you should not spend much money for each other, you should spend your money for your family.

What is true love (anybody at any age)

In this era, you will still find true lovers, true love is completely selfless. In this, all love rests on the foundation of truth, this love can happen to anyone and can happen at any age, maybe there can be an age to love a girlfriend. But the love that happens with parents has no fixed age. Because it becomes love from childhood itself which is very true love.

In this type of true love, people only want to be with each other. And together we face all the happiness and sorrows to come. For true love, there should be unbreakable trust in each other.

when and how does love happen

It has neither time nor age, it can happen anytime. And it can happen to anyone even if it is one sided love with whom you spend more time. You do have love for him somewhere or the other, but you don’t feel it.

But someday it will happen when that person has become important in your life. And you will fall in love with him, that’s why it is said that no one knows when love will happen. Sometimes love doesn’t happen even after living together for years, but sometimes love happens in a moment after seeing a stranger.

Like, today’s boys and girls fall in love within a few moments even though they are unaware of each other. However, such love is mostly emotional and lasts only for some time, so in this way you can understand that there is no time for love, it can happen anytime.

what is first love and when does it happen

Many people think that first love happens during school time but it is not so. The first true love is with one’s mother, that too in childhood, after that there are many loves in life. But if we talk about when a girl falls in love for the first time. So it mostly happens during school time when you are in class 10th or above then it starts. But today’s children want to have a girlfriend from class first, they are ahead of their time.

By the way, when someone falls in love for the first time, then he is very happy and remains engrossed in the thoughts of his lover or girlfriend throughout the day. And if he is a student, then during this time his studies are very bad. Because when there is only love in the mind for the whole day, then how will one study.

Although first love can happen at any age, no one can predict it. City kids first fall in love at an early age. Because the atmosphere there is like this and the parents also do not have any special fear.

But the children of the village are behind them as compared to the city but now an increase has been seen in it. The love of the children of the village is hidden, otherwise there can be a beating from the hands of the parents.

express love

When you have started liking someone very much in your mind, which we can say. That you have started loving one sided but until you express your love to him. Till then how will that person know. You can share your love with them by expressing that you love them.

People often say I LOVE YOU to express love to a girl. Which means I love you but often boys hesitate to express their love. And feel a lot of nerves while expressing. When you express your love to a girl, then if she also likes you and wants to have a love relationship with you, then she will accept your love.

If you really love someone, then don’t think that she will not love me. You learnd in this article what is love and what is the full form of love.