What is leg | Leg meaning

Foot is such a part of the body by using which every human being walks. And can go from one place to another, humans have 2 legs. Whereas animals have four legs, due to which animals are more capable of standing and running in any situation. What is the meaning of feet?

what is leg

Foot is that part of the body, by which people walk, using which a person can go from one place to another. While many people walk with the help of one leg and their other hand, because they have lost one of their legs in an accident as soon as they have had one since childhood.

what is artificial leg

An artificial leg is a leg that is fitted to a person when he has no legs. And that person is able to walk even using that artificial leg.

foot meaning in english

The foot is called Leg in English, which includes many parts such as fingers, heels, knees, etc.

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