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If a person plans to buy a computer or TV. So there is definitely a doubt in his mind that which TV should be bought after all. Because there are different types of TV in the market, so everyone has a problem in choosing a perfect TV / display. And in this article we will solve the same problems. And a special type of display which is most commonly used. That is, we will get information about LCD. What is the full form of LCD?

If you want to buy laptop then normally anyone can buy it. Because if you like the specifications in it, then the display does not matter. Because the display of all laptops are of good quality. But if you want to buy computer, then you have to buy display (monitor) separately.

For which mostly LCD display is used, but most people do not have any idea about it at all. Learn more at the shop but they are asked whether led tv or LCD tv, then they do not have any answer. Because they do not have any idea about this, but no problem, you will get complete information in this post.

what is lcd

The full form of LCD is Liquid-Crystal Display, LCD is a display. Which is in the form of modern TV, computer monitor etc. Solid and liquid materials are used in LCD, due to which it is possible to display the image. There are many layers of plates in LCD, in which there is a layer of liquid crystal in the center.

The only reason why it is called LCD is because liquid crystal is used in it. And other other features, connectivity etc depend on it. Which features have been provided in it on the motherboard.

Things like hdmi port, usb support, wireless connectivity etc all depend on its motherboard. Because liquid crystal is only helpful in generating the image. And the work of processing it is done by the motherboard itself. Then whether it is LCD or any other display.

TV / display is known by different names depending on the technology that generates the image. The kind of technology used in them like crt, LCD, led, plasma etc.

LCD thickness

If we talk about old TVs, they used to be very heavy which were crt based. And electricity consumption was also more. But after the arrival of LCD in the market, slowly the demand for crt tv is ending. Because LCD TV has emerged as the best TV and is multipurpose.

LCD TV is very thin, although not all LCD TVs are of the same size. Some small, some big, some ultra thin, some a little thick. Although LCDs were not that much capable in the intial stage. As much as today because with continuous improvements today LCD produces ultra hd images, which is very tempting.

The reason for the LCD being thin is that it is a modern TV. And all modern things have been used in it. Because when you see in crt tv, you will find that all the equipments in it are very big. And its display (crt) is very big and heavy. But some other layers are also used along with the liquid crystal layer to generate the image in the LCD. Which are very thin due to which this display takes up very little space.

And its motherboard was also developed on the basis of modern technologies. That is, the LCD display is based on the computer motherboard, which takes up very little space.

And with the combination of these two, LCD TV becomes ready. So when all the modern and thin equipments have been used in it. So it is obvious that LCD TV will be thin.


LCD tv can be used for more than one purpose. Like as normal tv, as computer display, as computer second screen, USB support (by which you can see your pendrive’s data on LCD without any other device. Or you can insert any other USB device ), projecting mobile screen on LCD etc.

So you yourself can understand how useful LCD TV is. Although all modern TVs provide the same facilities. But if you are thinking of buying TV. And going to buy crt tv then it is better to buy LCD tv.

LCD display price

We told you above for the same reason that if you are thinking of buying crt tv, then buy LCD which is much better and with more features. Because the price of LCD TV is in your budget normally if you buy crt TV. Even then at least you have to invest 4000 – 5000 INR and if you want to invest that much. So it is better to invest a little more.

You will find many LCD TVs however LED TVs also for 7000 INR. But if you do not want to invest much, then LCD is the best because LCD TVs are cheaper than LED TVs.

And if you can invest almost 10,000 INR. So whether you take LCD or LED, both will be found in the best class.

better display for mobile

You use mobile but you might never have noticed that which screen has been used in your phone. Never mind, mostly no one knows about this.

LCD display is used in most mobiles, although there are many other types of mobile displays as well. But those displays are not present in cheap phones, such as OLED, AMOLED.

And in LCD display also you will find three types of display. Which are tft, ips and LCD capacitive touch, you will find LCD display only in most of the phones. Out of which ips LCD is used the most.

Although we do not know which phone you are using. otherwise we would have told which LCD display has been used in your phone. But no matter you can search about your phone in google. In that you will know which display has been used in your phone.

By the way, ips LCD display is used in most of the phones. Because it is better than tft in many cases such as ips LCD being faster than tft having more clarity. And the biggest thing is power consumption. Because all parts of the mobile consume power, of which the display is also one.

In this article you learned what is LCD and LCD full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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