What is keyboard | Keyboard meaning

Keyboard is an input device used to type words and give various types of commands in a computer. The keyboard has 104+ buttons including alphabetic and numeric and many more. Such as Enter, Shift, Delete, Arrow buttons etc. What is Keyboard?

What is keyboard

Keyboard is a hardware device that can be connected to a computer or laptop and typing can be done through it. And different types of commands can be given, just like the computer keyboard, the keyboard option is also present in the smartphone. Which is a virtual keyboard, and physical keyboard can also be used.

What is the function of keyboard

The function of the keyboard is to write words and give different types of commands in the computer. If a word is to be written in the computer, then the button of the printed word has to be pressed on the keyboard. So that the letter is printed on the computer, not only typing but many other tasks are done through the computer keyboard. Such as deleting a file, selecting a file, cutting a file, pasting, etc.

How many types of keyboard are there

usb keyboard

USB keyboard is one such keyboard which is used the most. Mainly you will get to see the reports from all the offices, shops and individuals. Which is connected to the computer through a USB cable. And if that USB cable is removed from the computer, the keyboard will stop working.

wireless keyboard

A wireless keyboard is a keyboard that works wirelessly. That is, no wire is required to connect the keyboard to the computer. Because of which you can control your computer from a greater distance through this keyboard. But to use this keyboard, you will need to charge the keyboard separately. Because a normal keyboard works by using power from the computer. But the wireless keyboard does not take power from the computer, rather it requires separate power.

virtual keyboard

A virtual keyboard is a keyboard that is an internal feature of both mobile and computer. But to use this keyboard you have to use a mouse. Because after activating this keyboard, a virtual keyboard appears on the screen, on which letters and other buttons are present. And when the work is done by clicking on those buttons through mouse. And virtual keyboard is the primary keyboard for mobile. Everyone uses virtual keyboard in their mobile.

projection keyboard

Projection photo is a keyboard that is controlled through the projector. And that projector creates a virtual keyboard, by typing on which keyboard your computer can be managed.

gaming keyboard

A gaming keyboard is a specialized keyboard that is customized to suit different types of games. Because some special buttons are given in the gaming keyboard so that the game can play the game more smoothly.

who invented the keyboard

The father of the keyboard is Christopher Lathom Sholes, who invented the Qwerty and typewriter keyboards.

How many buttons are there in the keyboard

Mainly computer keyboard has 104 keys. But in some computer keyboards, its number may be different because some extra buttons are also given in some keyboards. Due to which their number increases. And in some gaming or other different types of keyboards, their number is also less, but the number of buttons in a standard computer keyboard is only 104.

What is the price of keyboard

The cost of a normal computer keyboard starts from ₹150. Which goes up to a high price, which includes different types of computer keyboards. Which are up to about ₹ 5000.

What is the other name of keyboard

The second name of the keyboard is keyboard, which is a very less popular word, because everyone knows the keyboard simply by the name of the keyboard.

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